May 29 by Dandrew Cruda

It may seem far from now, but Dreamforce 2015 will be here sooner than you think. With the largest high tech conference in the world set to take place this September, you can expect three things…

Terrific keynote presentations, sessions with valuable content, and tons, and tons of fun.

As of now, however, Salesforce has yet to release detailed information regarding whose going to speak or perform at Dreamforce 2015. With less than 120 days till the conference of the year, I’m sure we’re all wondering what to expect from Salesforce.

Luckily, we’ve done some heavy research, consulted the TMZ gossip team, and have gotten the inside scoop on what’s being planned. We can’t give away too much information, but we want to fill you in as much as we can. Here’s the wild gossip, rumors and Dreamforce 2015 speculation we came away with. (Note: none of these are confirmed by any representative at Salesforce, or anyone at all.) Enjoy!

1. Kanye West will perform at the Dreamforce Gala

Our sources overheard Yeezus discussing his upcoming gala performance at DF15 courtside at the NBA Western Conference Finals. Yes, the man we love to hate or hate to love, or love to love, (depending on who you are) may or may not have been invited by Marc Benioff to come and bless the stage at the Dreamforce Gala this year. As the main performance of the night, Mr. West is expected to have something amazing in store for us. Despite his infamous antics and on-stage tantrums in the past, Kanye has still earned himself a chance to perform in front of thousands at the Gala in September. Nevertheless, a questionable move especially after his “great” performance at the Billboard Music Awards a couple of nights ago.

Dreamforce 2015 performer and music entertainment - Kanye West

2. Kim Kardashian will have a keynote presentation

Another intriguing Dreamforce 2015 rumor is that Kim Kardashian will be one of the main keynote speakers. Seems like a no-brainer to have such an iconic figure to come speak to thousands of intelligent business professionals, particularly after her successful launch of her own selfie book. Sources say that a Marc Benioff selfie book is in the works as well…

We’re not quite certain what exactly Kim will be talking to us about, but the speculation is that it will likely revolve around the topics of machine learning and big data, and how both will play significant roles in business – that is one presentation you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. Plus she will highlight the new releases of her highly successful app, unfortunately not available on the AppExchange…yet.

Dreamforce 2015 keynote speaker - Kim Kardashian

3. Stephen Curry will go head to head in a 3-point shooting contest with Salesforce MVPs

Now this one will be exciting. The NBA’s sharpest shooter and league MVP, Stephen Curry, will go head to head against all of the top Salesforce MVPs in the most anticipated three-point shooting contest of the century to prove who is the undisputed MVP of the land. Both will throw up some shots on the main stage in front of everyone, and the loser is set to donate an undisclosed amount to a charity of their choice. Considering that Stephen Curry has recently won an MVP trophy of his own and has donated a car to a child’s youth center, the Salesforce MVPs may be better off to sit this one out. Also, Riley Curry is expected to make a cameo either during the shooting contest or during the press conference immediately following. The little charmer will definitely steal the show, again.
Dreamforce 2015 entertainment - Stephen Curry 3 point shooting contest

4. Salesforce mascot SaaSy will get a makeover

The infamous SaaSy will undergo a dramatic change before Dreamforce this year. The beloved mascot has been a favorite of thousands over the past years and there are constantly hundreds of people who want to take a photo with SaaSy whenever they’re lucky enough to spot him. Hopefully the makeover won’t alter his appearance too much and make him unrecognizable. Why the change you ask? Why not?
Dreamforce 2015 rumors - SaaSy Make Over

5. Marc Benioff will host a contest asking kids to help design the shoes he’ll wear during the conference

Marc Benioff ShoesMarc Benioff’s shoes during Dreamforce has always been a topic for conversation. Whether it may be the loud colors he wears, the shiny material on the shoes that catch our eye, Mr. Benioff knows how to arrive in style and make a bold fashion statement. Word is this year, he is extending the opportunity for 5th graders to help design the pair of shoes that he’s going to wear during Dreamforce 2015. I’m excited to see what they come up with!

6. Peter Coffee and Keith Block will engage in an epic arm wrestling match

LuchadorAlthough this rumor might seem over the top (pun most definitely intended), this is the most likely of our rumors to actually occur. The match will supposedly take place at midnight at the View Lounge atop the Marriot Marquis. Adding to the suspense, sources say the arm wrestling will be reffed by Charlie Isaacs, wearing a full luchador outfit, mask and all. It’s a highly anticipated bout. Ticket values are expected to top Pacquiao Mayweather prices.

7. Fake Bono will be replaced by Real Bono

Dreamforce 2015 - Fake BonoYep, you read that right! This year the Bono you see trolling around the Dreamforce campus with rose color sunglasses and leather jacket will in fact be the real Bono. That’s not even a rumor, that’s the truth. Get your selfie sticks ready! You won’t want to miss your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soak up his celebritosity and show off your awesomeness to all your peers in your Facebook/Chatter/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat feeds.


8. Adam Sandler will make a Dreamforce Movie

Hollywood funnyman, Adam Sandler will be onsite at DF15 researching and gathering material for his upcoming film ‘Dreamforce: The Movie’ (working title) starring himself, Kevin James, Deadmau5, and Lori Beth Denberg. The film will be set 200 years in the future at DF215. Sandler, playing a reincarnated Marc Benioff, is tasked with rescuing ‘the cloud’ from an evil alien overlord that looks suspiciously a lot like Kim Jung-un. It could be really funny, or it could be like the rest of his movies. Time will tell.
Dreamforce 2015 rumor - Adam Sandler movie

Well that’s all we’ve gathered so far. When more information becomes available, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, spread these rumors far and wide, because who knows, they just might happen.


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