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Pascal Fouquier

S2C Project Director, NOKIA

NOKIA is one of the world’s leading makers of the telecommunications infrastructure of mobile phone networks. Once a leading mobile phone handset manufacturer, its current businesses are NOKIA Networks, which develops and deploys network infrastructure, and NOKIA Technologies, its research and development and intellectual property rights unit.

Our story begins with Alcatel-Lucent Technologies (prior to our acquisition by NOKIA in 2015). As you can imagine with such a large organization, the procurement, commercial, and legal teams were using an outdated and wholly inadequate system for contract management.

These departments were faced with several challenges, including thousands of contracts stored in multiple locations, on multiple devices, by multiple people and multiple departments comprising, legal, procurement, commercial, IT, transportation, and logistics. All of these departments and employees were using different templates for supplier agreements and clause amendments were not being done in conjunction with the legal department. In summary, we struggled with:

• Lack of contract visibility and consistency
• Lack of compliance with internal legal policies
• Antiquated contract archiving system with limited capabilities
• No capability to add additional trackers to meet regulatory needs

We needed a flexible, user-friendly platform that would run on Salesforce CRM. After reviewing the options, we soon came to a decision that Apttus was the solution best fit for us. And so began the enormous task of documenting over 15,000 contracts and training a large team in a three-month timeframe.

Fast forward to 2015 and the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by NOKIA.

As with every acquisition, the challenge of merging two companies and the myriad of tools and contracts each brings, meant a decision to rationalize needed to be made… and quickly. Would it be the existing home-grown tool or a paid solution? If the latter, which one?

The first challenge for NOKIA came in the form of having a single instance covering all commercial and procurement contracts. This meant that we needed to remove one Apttus instance and put all contracts under the other while still respecting the privacy of contracts.

With our legal teams terminally overloaded, it was also essential that we reduced time spent on non-revenue focused items, like standard templates and NDAs, so they could focus on higher value items, like revenue-generating contracts.

After evaluating the options, it quickly became apparent that Apttus CLM was the best solution for us as it offered:

1) Value to justify the cost as the other option was more expensive and less flexible
2) The easiest solution to migrate all contracts into a single instance
3) Borders between procurement and commercial departments

In addition, features like Intelligent Workflow and Approvals seemed to be a real benefit to us. Consider this scenario: if someone tried to use a supplier template rather than an approved NOKIA one, a notification is sent to the legal team and it could be intercepted and prevented. So began the migration of over 10,000 contracts to Apttus CLM at NOKIA.

In a nutshell, using Apttus CLM has allowed NOKIA to make some significant changes to our CLM processes. Major benefits include:

• Using the template wizard to create documents while allowing all of our departments to be self-sufficient yet remain compliant
• Reducing our contract signature process from a week to mere minutes by introducing e-signature
• A single repository to store all contracts worldwide that can be accessed by the right people in a timely manner
• Ability to check GDPR compliant contracts in minutes instead of weeks

In my next blog, I will explore the next phase of Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management and what the future holds for us.

“We chose Apttus to run our contract management process for NOKIA procurement after
intensive analysis. Features like the wizard guided creation or template management
have allowed us to transform the way we are doing business. Now we can be more
efficient and agile when facing new constraints”.
~ Pascal Fouquier, S2C Project Director, NOKIA

Pascal FouquierAbout Pascal Fouquier

Pascal has more than 25 years of experience in software and sales. For the last 15 years, he has had successive sales management positions at Alcatel Lucent before piloting the digital transformation of Sales and Legal activity. At NOKIA, he started by rationalizing tools and business processes before contributing to the setup of S2P digital strategy, covering the Purchasing, Legal and Financial departments. Today, he leads the Source-to-Contract transformation program in close collaboration with the P2P teams. He also creates expert S2P process teams.

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