December 1 by Neema Jyothiprakash

To me, the holidays mean spending time with family, taking time to thoughtfully prepare (and indulge in) some of my favorite dishes, appreciating the people in my life, and getting caught up in all the decor and splendor that this time of the year brings.

The holidays also mark a season in which I, along with many others, am proactive about giving back.

In the same way that the end of the fiscal year brings questions about how to improve what we’re doing and re-examine the value of our work, it also encourages us to re-examine our value within the community both on an individual and corporate basis. We tend to give more around the holidays because when we’re grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives, we also think about those who are less fortunate.

It’s a chance for us to really reflect on how 49.1 million Americans don’t know where their next meal will come from – a number that includes 15.8 million children. Nearly half of the country can’t afford the basics like housing, utilities, and household necessities, let alone holiday gifts for their children.

Giving back, and corporate responsibility shouldn’t just be a seasonal initiative, but rather a core value year round. Technology is changing the way we live, interact and even the way we can give back. Mobile apps like Instead or Charity Miles have even integrated philanthropy into your daily routines, allowing you to give back by doing something as simple as brewing coffee or exercising.

Sam House and Apttus

Use this holiday season to challenge both yourself, and your company to make an impact socially. As Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, a renowned leader and philanthropist explained during a recent keynote, “Philanthropy is no longer just a benefit to society; it is a necessity to be successful as a company in today’s world.” That’s because corporate responsibility promotes customer loyalty, brand equity, and employee acquisition and satisfaction.

Think bigger than giving money. Use all available resources, including your technological expertise, your workforce, and even your partners to make a difference. For instance, Apttus started a friendly competition with partners Xactly and InsideSales to see who could raise the most canned goods to donate to local food banks in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. The friendly competition helped create a sense of urgency and extra incentive to donate. Together we were able to provide 2,026 total meals for those in need.

Can Drive

So put your hearts and heads together and discover ways you can create measurable social good, both in your community and within your company year round. Happy Holidays!

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