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smart city

Quote-to-Cash™ is a business solution which is not commonly talked about outside of the business world. What is surprising to learn, is that it is accessed daily by millions of users, and has been adopted by hundreds of the Fortune 500 companies. Often considered part of the Middle Office Platform™, Quote-to-Cash has the potential to re-create the concept of Smart Cities and extend it to be more inclusive. Currently used by enterprises, Quote-to-Cash is an easy to use, cloud-based solution, that is scalable and secure.


smart city

How a Citizen Could Use this Central Platform

Consider a citizen has just moved into a smart city and we construct an example on how this platform will be used:

  Registers with city administrators and creates a login on confirmation
  Search for available options to buy house
  Negotiates with owner
  Submits all documents, makes payment and registers house
  Subscribe for all utilities like power, water, waste management, housekeeping, internet, phone, entertainment, etc.
  Pay as per usage with an option to top-up if need be
  Check usage over a period
  Analyze and compare average usage by other citizens
  Get periodic notifications over usage, payments
  Smart updates on maintenance, over usage, tips to conserve resources
  Register complaints on any irregularities
  Connect and share thoughts with administrators and other citizen groups for common benefit
  Gain reward points for social service for citizens, or any help to community


smart city

How City Administrators Could Use this Central Platform

  A single window system with total visibility of smart city utilities
  Clear requisitions from citizens
  Central tool to manage all utilities provided to entire city (power, phone, internet, waste management, public welfare spaces, transport, water, land records, etc.)
  Complaint redressals with Service Level Agreements
  Monitor and regulate utility usage by citizens
  Compare and reward/penalize to citizens under-utilizing/over-utilizing resources than average citizen
  Build transparency in processes through single portal and end bureaucracy
  Award citizens per their Social Service for Citizens points
  Send notifications to citizens and service providers
  Plan infrastructure development activities based on location, time, usage patterns
  Determine and plug resource wastage
  Invite welfare ideas from citizens and collaborate with community
  Promote social messages and community welfare programs


smart city

Other benefits from this platform:

Easy access and user friendly: Being cloud based, it is easy to access from anywhere, anytime. Mobile, desktop or at a city’s civic center
Integration: Easy to integrate with different solutions used by solution providers
Secured: The platform is currently being used by millions of users worldwide, adhering to strictest security compliance.
Scalability and Cost: Being cloud based, the platform is easily scalable and does not require complex or expensive hardware installations. It can be a pay per use model which can cater to a growing population and changing needs
Performance: With less than 0.01% downtime, automatic upgrades and bug fixes, this platform is quite reliable and quick to respond
It has low carbon footprint with a huge scope to conserve environmental resources

In the future, such next generation smart cities enjoy using the same platform and set new benchmarks for community welfare and environment conservation.

The Genesis of Next Generation Smart Cities

A cloud-based platform combined with the innovations of the Apttus Quote-to-Cash solution can open new ideas to develop next generation smart cities which will make current ‘Smart Cities’ primitive in near future. The goal of this is to build cities which are a better place to live, that conserve our natural resources and care for environment while helping facilitate growth and increased benefits for both cities and citizens.

smart city

And… this is just a beginning!

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, such tools can be further enhanced to provide a more relevant and customized interface which has great potential to impact future generations of smart cities!

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*This blog is intended as a work of a creative thought and the technologies suggested are for reference only, while imagining an innovative way to use them for social welfare. The technical feasibility and data used has yet to be verified.

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