May 19 by Zack Alspaugh

Pt. 2 of Implementing Contract Management Software: “It Actually Works…”

It’s important to understand that having all the technological advancements in the world like a contract management system won’t help a company if nobody is using them. To garner adoption, select solutions in the native environments familiar to the specific types of users. Implementing a Contract Management System doesn't have to be difficult For instance, recognize that sales people manage relationships with prospects and accounts in a customer relationship management system, or CRM. But also recognize that legal departments prefer Microsoft Word, admins are comfortable in Excel, and finance live in an ERP system. But just because teams are comfortable in different systems, doesn’t mean they have to work in silos. Select a solution that integrates with the CRM, like how Apttus integrates with Salesforce, and you won’t have to sacrifice cohesion. Not only does this provide a seamless integration where data flows freely from opportunities through quotes and proposals and right into the contracts themselves, but it’s all done in a user interface the sales team is familiar with. And because Apttus is 100% native to Salesforce, it means the data never leaves the system during this entire lifecycle, which translates into security… a concept I, as an attorney, in this day and age of the Internet of Things take very seriously amid all the threats to cybersecurity and data privacy. Speaking of legal, this is another constituency that Apttus has taken great care to accommodate. At the core of this entire Quote-to-Cash process is the contract management system. Ask any attorney and they’ll tell you the last thing they want to do is learn a whole new corporate system, especially a “sales tool” in order to carry out their legal duties. But Apttus has us attorneys covered. Knowing we spend the majority of contract management time in Microsoft Word, Apttus has developed an application called X-Author for Contracts that enables the attorney (or contract manager) to carry out all template, clause and playbook management as well as contract creation, negotiation and versioning processes right inside Word. The document and related data is synched with the contract management system so it’s visible to all stakeholders from the system they’re most comfortable and familiar with. That results not only in increased efficiency during the process, but ensures faster and more widespread adoption of the contract management system throughout the organization. The end result is happier stakeholders and ultimately a better return on investment for Apttus’ customers.

Happy Customers is a result of three primary core values:
1) Customer Success
2) Tier 1 Everything
3) Respect Everyone
Effective Sales
It’s clear when I meet with clients that they understand that this company strives to not only ensure the success of their initiatives, but to enable the success of the individuals involved in deploying and using Apttus solutions. It’s clear that the executive team has invested in a team full of leaders and will accept nothing less than exceptionalism. A perfect blend of leadership, vision, talent, respect and market-leading software is a recipe for success… and at the end of the day, it actually works. Be sure to read Part 1 of the series, Implementing Contract Management Software: “It Actually Works…”


“Contract Management” is more than just the management of documents filled with lots of legalese, some terms and conditions and a few signatures. Taken individually, each contract can be viewed as just that, a collection of the rights and obligations of each party for a specific project or timeframe. But collectively, a company’s contract portfolio provides the roadmap for a strategic vision of the enterprise.

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