March 5 by Jason Smith

Pt. 4 of Contract Management: From Administrative Task to Strategic Asset

In this four part series, we will break down the ways in which your company can convert your contract management solutions into a strategic asset.

Security with Confidence

Protect sensitive data with the world’s most secure and robust cloud platform

Contract Management SoftwareWith all of the digital advantages and accessibility the era of information has afforded us, it has also presented a new paradigm of threats to business in the way of cybersecurity. Target, Sony, Lenovo, Blue Cross, even Jennifer Lawrence have all notoriously and very recently, had their security breached and sensitive information compromised. Data breaches are becoming bigger and more frequent. In 2013, over 800 million records were lost, mainly through such attacks.

And while most of us think twice before posting a personal photo to Facebook, the thought of having your company’s intellectual property or customer data jeopardized is extremely daunting, especially for Legal which is responsible for protecting the business and mitigating risks. The question then becomes, how do you transition away from manually processed contract management without exposing your business to new cyber-related risk.

The answer is surprisingly simple. Protect your sensitive data with contract management software built on the world’s most secure and robust cloud platform, Salesforce.

Business MeetingThe Salesforce1 platform security model is designed for forward-thinking companies that are relying on security to streamline and secure their most valuable business processes and workflows. They focus on protecting your data, so you can focus on the tasks at hand. Their security model extends from the cloud platform to applications, including your contract repository, clause library, and legal playbook. Salesforce has proven data security credentials and built-in standards, including ISO 27001 series, SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 SOC-1, SOC 2, SOC 3, FISMA, PCI-DSS as well as global privacy standards like EU/EEA and Switzerland Safe Harbor. Plus, they publish all of their real-time system performance, security, potential threats and even best practices. The site serves as a vote of confidence in their capabilities and a challenge to their competitors who simply cannot match the level of security.

Contract Lifecycle ManagementThe same security over your company’s data and legal documents is extended to your partners and customers as well. You have the ability to set privileges and grant limited access to third parties. You can create custom fields that are encrypted in storage for sensitive information types and enable IP Range Restrictions feature that enables customers to restrict the range of IP addresses from which its designees may log in. Network security includes multiple layers of external firewalls, intrusion-detection sensors and continuous external vulnerability scanning. With this level of security in place, you can bring compliance and control necessary to effectively manage your contracts while still providing the worldwide access your company needs to compete in the fast-paced global marketplace.

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