June 12 by Elle Odysseos

The world of selling has changed. Customers have done most of their research before they talk to your rep, “back door” references are done via LinkedIn instead of calling your pet accounts, and the sale itself has gotten more complicated, leading to challenging selling scenarios and sometimes longer sales cycles.

Within this competitive business climate there’s little room for distractions, inefficiencies or errors. Now more than ever enterprises need to develop a strategy to incentivize sales reps to sell as well as customers to buy. Enterprise sales is not just about pitching the value of your product and its configuration, but also how your product fits in with all of the other existing solutions and services the customer already uses.

At Apttus Accelerate, beginning next week, two key sessions will address the changing enterprise environment, and discuss ways in which companies can accelerate their revenue.

Wednesday at 8:30 am, PwC‘s Alison Millar and Romit Dey will lead a panel of high-tech industry luminaries divulging insights around enabling new customer-centric models that maximize profitability. Disruptive technologies are driving the need to redefine go-to-market strategies in fundamental ways. As customers demand subscription services alongside traditional “box-shipped” products, industry leaders are changing the way they configure, price and deliver these new value propositions to accelerate revenue.

Attendees will learn how to make compensation the strategic and tactical lever it needs to be in any successful organization. Good looks and charm is not enough, sales reps also need an integrated set of tools to sell – the same way the customer wants an integrated set of solutions to use. The same way you build your revenue forecast based on where different deals are in the cycle, the rep builds their personal income forecast as well. Identify trigger points that lead to a close, consider a SPIF, and find better ways to accelerate the path by offering incentives to close earlier in the quarter.

Accelerate 2014 will feature 40+ sessions from leading Quote-to-Cash experts and practitioners, capped off by an exclusive keynote lineup. The keynotes include salesforce.com’s Vivek Kundra, who was appointed as the first United States Chief Information Officer by President Obama, Praveen Sengar, the Principal Research Analyst for Gartner, Apttus CEO Kirk Krappe, and inspiring speaker Captain Richard Phillips, who’s heroic stand-off with Somalian pirates was depicted in the recent Oscar nominated film Captain Phillips.

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