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We are pleased to have a new addition to The Celebrities of Dreamforce series, in which we’ve interviewed some of the most recognizable faces of DF15 and Dreamforces past. They are the stars that make Dreamforce the most memorable event of the year, the reason Dreamforce feels like the Mardi Gras of business conferences, the Coachella of cloud computing.

For this installment of the Celebrities of Dreamforce, we have the legendary group, #Baldforce!

I met #Baldforce at a User Group meeting in New York. Everyone was given 2 drink tickets. This band of Salesforce MVPs pooled their tickets together to get a beer tower, and at that moment I knew I had to go meet them. One of their unofficial leaders is well known throughout the Salesforce Community, Phil Walton. Sir Walton hails from Manchester, in the UK and is an Salesforce MVP, consultant and blogger. He sat down with us to explain who and what #Baldforce is.

1. Who is Bald Force?
dreamforce baldforceAnyone in the Salesforce Community can join with #Baldforce, as long as you appreciate the follicly challenged!

2. How did Bald Force come about?
When the lights came up at the New York World Tour, we realized there was a lot of extra shine in the audience! A few of the MVPs got together for photos, and the hashtag of #baldforce was born.

3. Who pulls off the Bald look best in the group?
Modesty stops me from saying. But otherwise Nik Panter pulls off the ‘Bald with Beard’ combo rather well.

4. What are the qualifications to join Bald Force? Are you accepting new members?
Always wanting to expand the group, and you don’t have to actually be bald to join! Just appreciate the bald heads, and help us have fun, and maybe raise some money for charity.

18178073971_8e4eeff5fd_k5. What are you guys most looking forward to at Dreamforce 2015?
We are planning a charity event with Apttus, where we will hold a happy hour, and try to raise some money for LocksOfLove.

6. To date, who has been your favorite Dreamforce Gala performer?
Stevie Wondhair.

7. How and where are some of the ways we can interact with Bald Force at DF15?
As well as the charity event (Weds 4-6pm?), I am presenting in the Admin Theatre on Weds 9.30am (“The best Free Apps on Appexchange”). I can also be seen propping up the bar at many of the evening events.

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Apttus is raffling off a brand new luxury electric car to one lucky Dreamforce attendee. The drawing will take place Thursday, September 17th during our super session “Achieving Digital Transformation: The Future of Success on Salesforce.”


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