April 2 by Eric Dreshfield

Today’s information feeds move so quickly it’s easy to miss something important. To help you stay current on the latest insights from Apttus, here’s a quick summary our blog posts from March.

Top 3 Trends in Healthcare Contract Management for 2018

The landscape of the Healthcare industry seems to be in constant motion. Whether changes are coming from external forces such as the political climate or from the introduction of new technology, the one constant truly is change. There are 3 trends emerging in Contract Management for Healthcare, starting with increasing adoption of cloud applications. To learn more about that, and the other 2 top trends, read the full post from Sharath Beedu to learn more.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

Evidence of digital transformation is all around us. Blockbuster, the movie rental chain, which was on Main Street in cities all across the country, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2010. It failed because of competition from a web-based, delivery service called Netflix. Uber, the ride hailing service that burst into our lives in 2009 is massively upending the traditional taxi and car-service business models. The common thread is a digital disruption of an industry. Read the full post from Elliott Yama to learn more.

GDPR: What is it, What it Takes to Comply, and Why You Should Care

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, goes into full effect on May 25, 2018. Remarkably, some organizations are still processing how the regulation impacts them and determining what they need to do to comply. Read this post from Gene Eun to learn more and why you should better not ignore GDPR.

4 Reasons to Attend the Salesforce World Tour – Boston

Salesforce recently celebrated its 19th birthday. For the past several years they have taken their message on the road, hosting world tours in major cities across the globe. In the Northeastern US, the Boston World Tour provides a full day of innovation and inspiration. Read this post to learn the top 4 reasons you should attend.

Accelerate Your Inspiration: Special Guest Speaker Announced!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t already know that Apttus is thrilled to welcome Sir Richard Branson to Apttus Accelerate this year as a guest of honor and speaker. Learn more about Sir Richard, and Accelerate in this post.


IBM Think 2018 – The First of it’s Kind Technology Event

IBM hosted Think2018 – a new technology event, and Apttus was there. Elle Odysseos shares her 5 Key Takeaways from IBM Think in this post: Let’s Put Smart to Work. Gene Eun explains in his post how Apttus Max and IBM Watson are teaming up to put Intelligence in Business.

3 Reasons Why the CPQ Market is Expanding

Gartner Recently released their Magic Quadrant for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites, in which they indicated that this market, already at over $875 million as of 2016, was expected to continue growing at 20% per year through 2020. Brion Schweers gives us 3 reasons why the CPQ market continues to expand in this post.

What is the Falsified Medicines Directive and What does it Impact

The Falsified Medicines Directive exists primarily for patient safety. Medicines are generally high margin products that can be difficult to manufacture yet have significant impact on people’s health. Nefarious players attempt to disguise falsified medicines as the real thing so that they can make substantial profits. Learn more about the Falsified Medicines Directive in this post from Aidhan O Tuairisg.

Make Your CPQ and CLM Workflows Smarter Using Automation

Markus Zirn, Vice President of Business Development at Workato, a new partner of Apttus, shares his views on how data integration and automation can be used to make CPQ and CLM workflows smarter and more effective in this great post.

Why Attend Apttus Accelerate

Are you a Sales Executive or a Legal Professional looking to understand why you should attend Apttus Accelerate? Check out the Top 5 sessions coming to Accelerate for Sales Executives and  for Legal Professionals, then register to attend!

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