March 6 by Eric Dreshfield

Today’s information feeds move so quickly it’s easy to miss something important. To help you stay current on the latest insights from Apttus, here’s a quick summary of February’s blog posts.

Fiduciary Responsibility: Who Has My Best Interest in Mind?

The Department of Labor’s new Fiduciary Rule is shaking things up in the financial services industry. What does it mean for consumers and providers? Will you still be able to retire comfortably, and when you want to? What will it take to keep assets growing? Financial Service Providers need the best tools and intelligence to be able to best serve their customers. Read the full post from Cory Haynes to learn more.

5 Reasons Why Apttus is a Leader in Configure Price Quote

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Configure Price Quote was recently released. Gartner’s research provides a wide-angle view of competition in the market, along with detailed analysis of each company’s relative strengths and weaknesses. Read the full post to learn the 5 main reasons Gartner named Apttus a leader.

Top 3 Trends in Legal Tech for 2018

Over the past few years, legal departments and law offices alike have seen numerous advancements in available technology that moves from simply enabling efficient processes to driving legal issues and business forward. Read this post from Jason Smith to learn the top 3 trends in Legal Tech for 2018.

Accelerate Through the Years

Apttus Accelerate has been a must-attend conference since it’s beginning in 2013. The event continues to grow and provide the best in Quote-to-Cash to attendees. Read this post to relive the history of the event, including past speakers and big announcements over the years.

How Artificial Intelligence and Sales are Becoming Intertwined

It’s been happening so gradually for quite a while now that some people may not have even noticed the transition. AI and Sales are becoming tightly woven together. Gordon Benzie from Prodoscore shares his views on the subject in this post.

Incentives are Important: Motivation Matters

During February we shared two blog posts on Incentive. One asking the question: Are yours driving results or do they need a makeover? The other exploring the science behind what really motivates people. Whether you are a Sales Professional or a member of a Sales Ops or Marketing team, understanding how incentives work so you can build them right, makes both these posts worth reading.

Contract-to-Cash: 7 Best Practices to a Successful Implementation

MedTech companies face unique challenges with the ever-changing landscape between the dynamics of geographic markets and global manufacturers. Monis Raza, from Apttus partner, Standav shares his views on how best to succeed with Contract-to-Cash in the MedTech world.

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