December 5 by Steve Feyer

contract management

Sales professionals need the best of everything to operate at at full capacity: they need the freshest leads to call, the latest products to sell, and the most current tools to facilitate selling.

Globally more than one million sales professionals are lucky to have Apttus Contract Management in their toolkit. These sales people see numerous benefits, such as 42% faster contract processing and 45% greater contract accuracy on average, leading to measurably improved win rates and closed-won deals.

contract management

For those sales people who also use Salesforce, the most beautiful and productive contracting experience is now available with Apttus Contract Management on Salesforce Lightning. They don’t just have a great user interface—they have maximum productivity. Here are five key capabilities of Apttus Contract Management on Salesforce Lightning.


Benefits of Salesforce CLM Lightning Experience

1. Instant Status. Next steps and recent activities for a contract are shown chronologically and on a simple-to-understand progress timeline, so sales people can immediately understand where their deal is and who is responsible for the next action. Now sellers can see their progress at a glance and keep on top of what they, and others, need to do

2. Integrated Wizards. Sales people always want to do things for themselves if they can, and integrated wizards in the Lightning experience can be created easily using drag-and-drop controls. Using wizards, sales people can create perfect contracts without legal involvement, saving time and hassle. It’s an ideal way for sales organizations to work with their legal, sales ops and IT colleagues, to incorporate their expertise into processes that save immense time and resources.

3. Contextual hover. For sales people who spend every day in Salesforce, each click takes time away from selling. With Lightning, the information they need for a given contract is available in contextual hover over related accounts, contacts and other details. Fewer clicks means more time to sell.

4. Integrated Chatter feed. Sales people need to collaborate with their support teams, and Chatter is an invaluable tool for that. In the Lightning Experience for Apttus Contract Management, Chatter is integrated right into the main screen for the contract.

5. New dashboards. Sales dashboards have more options and are easier to use and modify, so sales pros can have their metrics and performance at their fingertips.

The Lightning experience isn’t just beautiful—it’s also highly functional. The best way to discover it is to try it for yourself.

Want to see Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management on the Lightning Experience? Click below for a demo today!

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