May 20 by Eric Dreshfield

Over the past few years, the B2B buying process has changed. Enterprises have been behaving more and more like individuals. Today’s buyer controls the purchasing process way more than the seller controls the selling process. A recent study by Forrester indicated that for certain categories of products and services, the sales representative was not the top resource for knowledge during the discovery stage. Rather it is peer, industry analysts, communities and publications before sales reps.This shift makes the work of the marketer and the seller more challenging, and demands a new way of engaging with potential customers.

“At the end of the day,

people won’t remember what you said,

they will remember how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

Your ideal B2B customer is the company who is most likely to need and want your products or services. The issue is, often times, that they don’t know who you are. For the B2B seller, this means you need to build a relationship with your buyers. You need to get to know them, not just on a professional level, but also as a person. And likewise, your buyer needs to get to know you as well as your company and its products and services. The byproduct of this relationship building is that of creating a bond between the buyer and the seller formed on mutual trust. And more often than not, people (and companies) buy based on trust over price.

Building Trust Takes Time

Just like in your personal relationships, building trust in your B2B relationships doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes multiple exposures to individuals in a variety of settings. In today’s digital world, those interactions often include email, chat and social media, but nothing is more engaging than a face-to-face conversation shared with a community of people at an event. Here at Apttus, we have quite the schedule of events building for the year. You’ll find us at Salesforce World Tours, Basecamps and Dreamforce. You can also find us at industry events like ACC Annual Meeting and CIO Event Europe. Finally, we are building our own Apttus Exchange events where you can spend an afternoon with the Apttus Community learning how to maximize outcomes for the most critical operations of your business – generating revenue and managing key commercial relationships. Come visit with us!