Apttus Spring 2020 Product Release



VP, Product Marketing

While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world, the Apttus Product and Engineering organizations have been busy at work! We are very excited to announce all the latest new features and enhancements in the Apttus Spring 2020 product release.

And for Apttus customers, be sure to log into the Apttus Community for videos and more detailed information.

• Dynamic Pricing for Fluctuating and Complex Data Sets: An easy-to-use expression-based formula that allows users to create quotes and pull pricing based on variables rather than manual inputs.


Formula Pricing

Formula Pricing


• Automatic Bundling for Subscription Renewal Management: Provides advanced renewal capabilities to merge multiple renewal subscriptions within existing quotes.
• Detect Provisions via Self-Service AI Models: Create custom provision models for 3rd-party paper import with Apttus CLM, powered by Kira Systems’ Quick Study.


Review Detected Terms

Review Detected Terms


• Fast, Easy way to Request and Get Contracts from Legal: Apttus CLM’s Wizard Designer, including a mobile-ready UI, offers a configurable way for non-legal users to request contracts.


Mobile and Lightning

Mobile and Lightning-Friendly Self-Service Contract Request Wizard


• Global and Speedy Authoring: X-Author for Contracts now supports translated menus and messages and a time-saving background check-in feature.
Collaborate to Improve Speed of Contracting and Quoting: Apttus’ intelligent virtual assistant, Max, now proactively alerts users so they can act immediately and get things done, on the go. Support for Slack has also been added.



Max, Apttus’ Intelligent Assistant Proactively Notifies Users


These are just a few highlights of all the features in our Spring 2020 release. Want to learn more? Check out all the resources in the Apttus Community here!

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