Apttus Recent Product Enhancements: Why are they game-changers for the customer?


Barry T. Smith

Marcom Manager

The recent Apttus Reimagine events were a huge hit with the Apttus community, with direct access to Apttus team members and a focus on Middle Office solutions. Alongside demos, breakout sessions, and keynotes, Apttus featured a selection of product enhancements designed to accelerate revenue pipelines.

Apttus announced the feature updates onstage at the Reimagine keynote, highlighting specific tools and processes that streamline workflow and data management. With the recent enhancements, Apttus intends to take a leap ahead in providing solutions to help enterprises overcome complexity challenges in the digital economy.

Let’s look on the key enhancements which can be a game-changer to the millions of Apttus users:

Apttus CPQ SmartCart:

Apttus CPQ SmartCart enhances the existing CPQ capabilities to provide great quoting flexibility for sales reps. Key features are –

• Location-based Quotes: Provides flexibility to map to how customers want to buy from companies.
• Intellisplit: Removes guesswork on how to break down complex quotes in a manageable format.
• SNAP Performance: Enables sales reps to spend more time building relationships with customers instead of waiting for quotes to be completed

With SmartCart, sales reps can dramatically accelerate complex quote generation from days or hours down to minutes.

Making Contract Lifecycle Management more collaborative:

Recent updates drive toward more intelligent, collaborative contract management across legal teams with the below features –

• Parallel Review: Cuts review times in half compared to traditional serial review processes, providing updates to agreements concurrently
• In-Document View: Provides an updated, user-friendly format that lets users work in an actual document instead of having to back and forth between an agreement and the application.
• Progress Dashboards: Shows real-time view into the progress of different streams, allowing teams to identify areas needing faster execution or support.

These updates will be beneficial to the legal team to find information supporting revenue opportunities, reduce contract cycles, and manage risk significantly.

Conversational AI for Greater CPQ, CLM Value:

Adding the conversational sophistication of its award-winning AI solution, MAX, which is a virtual assistant. Key updates include:

• Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Advanced, intelligent understanding of what users actually imply beyond what they literally say, avoiding awkward, inaccurate, or misguided response to verbal commands.
• “Out-of-the-Box” Conversation Libraries: Prebuilt collection of common conversations for sales and legal users help accelerate task execution, such as providing budgetary quotes and sending policy-adhering NDAs on the spot when interacting with customers.
• Where Collaboration Happens: Seamlessly embedded with common collaboration tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce1 Mobile.

We are sure the new feature updates will further strengthen Apttus’ pole position as an expert in the Middle Office processes and can provide tremendous value to the customers as a partner in their digital transformation.

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