May 2 by Christina Zigliotto

Apttus has always focused on evolving the business world’s approach to generating revenue. Today, the company put a bit more emphasis behind its mission.


Apttus announced it is partnering with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The organization helps governments and businesses determine how to maximize the benefits of science and technology. To make this happen, they have established their global hub in San Francisco. The Center’s goal is to accelerate public and private sector cooperation in developing, piloting, and scaling governance solutions to address challenges related to emerging technologies.

In leading and joining the Center’s work groups, Apttus’ focus is forward-thinking:

• Help make sense of blockchain technologies.
• Determine ways to constructively apply blockchain, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies to positively impact the speed and output of the global marketplace.

WEF’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution partners with companies like Accenture, Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente, and Microsoft. In addition to Apttus, some of the Center’s members include BestMile SA, Contextere, and Door2Door. Initiatives being defined by the Center include Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Precision Medicine, Blockchain and Autonomous Vehicles.

Apttus has big aspirations. As its business grows, it realizes it can broaden its impact beyond individual enterprises to helping countries, economies, and global commerce at large.

Serving the world’s largest enterprises remains an unwavering mission for Apttus, and participating in the WEF environment enhances the company’s ability to support customers at a macroeconomic level. Apttus is proud of this corporate strategy. In fact, based on feedback from its customers, partners, and industry analysts, it’s a strategy that Apttus feels obligated to executing.

Was this opportunity conceivable 12 years ago when the company was born?

No way.

However, several hundred customers, numerous industry analyst acknowledgements, and countless awards later, the potential for Apttus to contribute at a grander scale is real.

“Maximizing business outcomes for the world” – now that has a nice ring to it.

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