Apttus Continuity and COVID-19: What to Expect




During this challenging time, Apttus is committed to doing everything we can to protect the interests of our customers, employees, business partners, and families. Our valued customers, in particular, can take comfort in knowing that we’re working to safeguard all business functions so that our applications and services continue to operate at 100%.

We want you to know that Apttus is open for business, our global operations are fully functional, and our leaders are regularly communicating with all employees, contractors, and partners to ensure the stability you’ve come to expect.

Business Continuity a Constant Priority

Apttus was “born in the cloud” many years ago and, from the start, instilled business continuity in its DNA. Our products and services were—and continue to be—designed and implemented for maximum reliability and availability. Despite the uncertainty triggered by this pandemic, our teams are maintaining high availability.

We regularly test our business continuity plan, proactively assessing operational risks cross-functionally, establishing contingency plans, and refreshing our disaster readiness plan. As a result, we consider ourselves to be in an always-ready state.

Apttus’ Executive Leadership Team is actively engaged in strategic and tactical planning to deal with this rapidly changing situation, making key decisions to ensure that Apttus is well-prepared for a variety of contingencies. We’ve also activated Apttus’ Emergency Management Team, a cross-functional body of leaders and employees, to plan, execute, and assess business processes and communications that bolster our ability to manage day-to-day operations.

Working Remotely, the New Normal

In early March, Apttus restricted business travel to mitigate potential exposures to the virus. Leadership also instituted a work-from-home (WFH) policy for anyone who’d traveled to hot spots, those who felt ill, and/or those who’d come into contact with someone found to be infected.

Prior to California’s recent shelter in place order (and other similar measures taken by civil authorities), Apttus on March 16, 2020, implemented mandatory WFH for the entire company. All corporate travel has also since been halted and Apttus offices around the world—whether in a hot zone or not—are now closed in keeping with social distancing practices.

In the coming weeks, as Apttus employees adhere to our global remote work mandate, Apttus consulting, managed services, implementation, and support teams will continue to service our customers. (If you haven’t already, please read Chief Delivery Officer Chris Bishop’s statement regarding this subject.)

Customer Service at Full Capacity

As an Apttus customer, you’re already familiar with the reliability of Apttus products that run on solid platforms like Salesforce, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. Reliable systems, however, are only part of the story.

Apttus’ Customer Support organization continues to operate at full capacity. Although members of our Support Team now work remotely and securely while away from office locations, all support channels are operating normally. We’re fully connected to critical systems and fully dedicated to delivering an outstanding support experience.

Following Guidance Day by Day

We will continue to follow the guidance of the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other health authorities regarding the spread of the virus. If you have questions or concerns about Apttus’ response to the pandemic, please reach out to your Sales rep or Customer Success.

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