April 23 by Michael Dunne

There is much talk these days about Quote-to-Cash, Digital Transformation, innovating business models and the rise of the Digital Services economy and “anything as a service” business models. These topics will be addressed at a great upcoming event that executives and corporate leaders should aware of and attend, if possible.

This Thursday, April 25th, Apttus CEO Frank Holland will speak at MGI Research’s annual conference, Monetize 12, in San Francisco. MGI Research’s expertise and research focuses on analyzing and advising corporate executive teams, investors and technology provider communities on monetization strategies associated technology. The theme of this year’s conference is understanding impact and value of Digital Transformation and Quote-to-Cash for enterprises. For complete event details, click here.

In his segment “Gaining Scale and Increasing Business Velocity Through Quote-to-Cash,” Frank Holland will share the experiences and point of view of Apttus, which pioneered Quote-to-Cash and Middle Office solutions and has helped leading global brands increase revenue growth and process efficiencies. Apttus has a long lineage in providing deep capabilities around CPQ, Quote-to-Cash, Enterprise Contract Management and Digital Commerce, as a comprehensive, integrated suite on a single data model.

Such capabilities in a comprehensive suite are critical for companies seeking to fundamentally improve how they go to market and sell across channels. This is especially the case as they move to transform their businesses to capitalize on the digital services economy with increasingly sophisticated business models and product portfolios.

quote-to-cashA key takeaway for attendees, is that bridging the gap between customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) represents an enormous greenfield opportunity for firms to gain an array of competitive advantages. Surprisingly, companies have historically underinvested in such Middle Office processes. Conversely, legacy technologies (traditional ERP and CRM systems) lack either the flexibility or functional depth to address these gaps.

For example, ERP suites have proven inadequate in configuring the right products and services for deals, optimizing pricing, or for managing billing requirements for subscription and usage-based products. For customer facing activities, most of the heavy lifting is done in the Middle Office when it comes to developing and closing deals. A robust Middle Office Platform enables managing product catalogs, pricing and promotions, handling orders and renewals, as well as supporting Digital Commerce and partner channels.

We encourage you to attend Monetize 12, and if that is not possible, to at least further explore innovations in modernizing Quote-to-Cash for the Digital Services economy, and the value such developments could bring to your business. The world economies are rapidly changing, requiring enterprises to uncover every potential advantage in order to grow. Quote-to-Cash and the Middle Office present rich opportunities for achieving these objectives.

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