November 8 by David Murphy

To our customers, partners and employees,

In a previous note, I shared some thoughts from my first 60 days of leading Apttus and on the company’s journey to establish and drive the Middle Office market. Today, I want to share some of the more impactful steps that have been put into place as part of the effort to take the company to the next level.

When Apttus was acquired by a private-equity firm earlier this year, the objective was – as it had been with other such acquisitions – to make the company stronger both internally and externally so that the product innovation and excellence could continue to flourish. The ups and downs of such a journey can vary from one company to another and sometimes, the best first step is a purposeful pause – to observe, assess and analyze.

Armed with a better understanding of what is moving Apttus forward and what enhancements can accelerate that progress, I have embarked on a series of specific steps that I believe will not only make the products stronger but will also make the company itself even more appealing to both current and future partners, customers and employees.

Those specific steps include:

• Chief People Officer: Companies are at their best when they create a culture where ideas and contributions are welcomed, respected and celebrated. This week, Apttus welcomed Colleen Carr, a human resources veteran with more than 25 years in leadership roles at public and private technology companies, as its new Chief People Officer, a role that will focus on and continue to drive our commitment to a work environment in which employees thrive.
• Go-To-Market Optimization: For any company, integrity, simplicity and honesty are keys to keeping customers happy. As such, we have hired a professional firm to review our current internal sales processes and make recommendations on how to enhance our customer relationships and help ensure that our sales teams are incentivized and compensated fairly and competitively. We have taken this step because we understand that continuous improvement in a sales process can help the company achieve a healthy balance of successful product delivery and continued growth, which are important elements for success in the enterprise SaaS business.
• Operational Excellence: We understand that having robust policies and procedures in place helps a company to foster a productive, inclusive work environment. As such, we have developed a revised employee code of conduct, implementing a whistleblower policy and hotline and revamping the travel and entertainment policy, as well as other relevant updates.
• Moving Forward: Finally, we have found that the best way to address issues of the past – whether they be financial, operational or cultural – is to gain a full understanding of the situation and develop a forward plan. In some instances, that process can take some time. But everyone remains committed to doing the right thing. It’s part of the work that goes into making a strong company even stronger. We’re confident that bringing in fresh leadership, implementing new processes and fostering an energetic and inclusive culture is part of the formula for continued growth and success.

Taking a strong innovative company with a solid product foundation and technology backbone to the next level is at times challenging and always unique. Looking beyond what a company is today and driving it towards its future potential is neither a fast, nor easy, process. But it should be rewarding for customers, employees, partners and even investors. I look forward to taking Apttus to its next levels – and sharing more stories of that journey along the way.

David Murphy
Executive Chairman