November 5 by David Murphy

To our customers, partners and employees,

Apttus has always relied on its people’s talent and ingenuity in establishing, defining and leading the Middle Office market. Apttus’ commitment to excellence and its product and customer success have allowed us to maintain a pattern of consistent accomplishment and remains a driving force for the company today.

After two months as interim CEO, I am optimistic and excited about the future prospects for Apttus. Having previously led other businesses, I am even more certain that our products, services and partnerships are world-class and am committed to our continued focus on those areas. I am equally focused on ensuring that same consistency and accomplishment across the entire company through a commitment to improving the areas where Apttus may have fallen short. We are dedicated to building an internal culture that promotes transparency, inclusion and cultivates a passion for customer success.

Thankfully, we have already made great strides toward those goals. Over the past month we have brought a new Chief Financial Officer, Controller, Vice President of Finance and Chief People Officer on board. These are leaders I have worked with in the past, and each individual brings a stellar track record of performance and shares a deep commitment to setting the right tone at the top of the company. We will continue to add leaders that embody the forward-looking culture Apttus is striving to achieve.

I look forward to sharing updates on the positive and purposeful steps we are taking to advance the company in the weeks and months ahead and am grateful for your partnership, cooperation and input during that process. Together we will make sure that Apttus is best positioned for long-term success.

David Murphy
Executive Chairman & Interim CEO

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