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In early December, Apttus will be front and center at the Salesforce World Tour in New York City. The conversation we expect to have with attendees is centered on dialogue we are increasingly having with customers – how to help enterprises transition to successful businesses in today’s service economy.

It’s a conversation that must be acted on regardless of industry. We all know why. We are all living it as we speak.

“Quick,” “on-demand,” “mobile” and “easy” are words that describe how consumers expect to transact with businesses today. Uber, Netflix, and Grubhub are prime examples. Need a ride? Click a button. Looking for a show to watch while enjoying dinner? Both of those are just a few swipes away. This is commonly referred to as Anything as a Service (XaaS).


Buying Experience in the Digital Service Economy

In the business-to-business world, companies have come to expect the same type of service from their vendors and partners. Buyers want to be in control of the buying experience. Emphasis on the word, “experience.” To provide this experience isn’t as simple as a few clicks or swipes. Businesses that realize this evolution’s necessity have been executing business transformation initiatives that enable them to operate in today’s digital service economy. For your business to shift in this direction, your sellers need to be agile and consultative, utilizing the most up-to-date product, pricing and customer data. Assistance from machine learning and artificial intelligence help fine-tune optimal deals that not only maximize value for both the customer and your company, but also minimize risk and margin degradation.

In short, your mission today is simple to voice, but more complex to act on. You must be the easiest company to do business with.

Doing this requires anticipating and meeting the needs of your customers, regardless of where, when or how they choose to engage with you.

This is precisely why leading enterprises are focusing efforts on automating, optimizing and applying intelligence to their Middle Office revenue generation processes to drive commercial excellence and growth.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The Middle Office is where commerce takes place in an enterprise. It encompasses everything that happens at the point a customer expresses interest in buying your product or service through acquiring revenue and managing commercial relationships that are integral throughout this process. Middle Office processes bridge the gap between an enterprise’s front-office CRM system and back-office ERP system. At the core are Quote-to-Cash, Enterprise Contract Management, Digital Commerce and Supplier Relationship Management processes—the fundamental revenue-generating and cost management activities that happen across key functional areas of the enterprise. These activities include configuring the best offer, managing pricing, generating quotes and contracts, enforcing and meeting legal obligations, ensuring accurate billing and revenue recognition, renewing business and onboarding vendors.

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In today’s digitally connected world, this also requires providing a seamless buying and selling experience across all touchpoints — direct sales, channel partners and e-commerce webstores.


One Complete Solution for Success

Solving these challenges is why the Apttus Intelligent Middle Office™ platform was born. The Apttus Intelligent Middle Office is a seamless and comprehensive, purpose-built Middle Office platform designed to automate and optimize an enterprise’s most critical revenue and commercial relationship management processes. It includes a set of integrated applications to drive commercial excellence across Quote-to-Cash, Enterprise Contract Management, Digital Commerce and Supplier Relationship Management. Apttus enhances each solution with Max, our applied artificial intelligence.

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Our customers have experienced significant benefits from using our Intelligent Middle Office Platform, including larger deal sizes, increased win rates, faster deal closure, greater contract compliance and more.

To learn more about Apttus Intelligent Middle Office and its Middle Office solutions, join us at the Salesforce World Tour in New York City on Thursday, December 13, 2018, at the Javitz Center. Apttus is a proud Gold Sponsor and will be demoing The Intelligent Middle Office, the industry’s only Middle Office platform and commercial backbone for today’s service economy. Apttus will also be demoing award-winning, industry-leading Quote-to-Cash applications that run on top of it. Visit us as we share more on how you can maximize revenue and business outcomes in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive service economy.


Learn how you can ignite growth with commercial excellence. Download the C-Suite Guide to the Middle Office.

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