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Artificial Intelligence

Apttus has been recognized lately as a leading provider of cloud-based Quote-to-Cash solutions. And if you are not aware, Apttus is used by some of the largest companies in the world to manage quoting, contracting, and revenue management. One hundred of the Fortune 500 companies run on Apttus.

Many Apttus customers operate in vertical markets that are rapidly changing. Manufacturing, Medical Technology, Software, and Business Services companies are introducing new subscription based revenue models. For some sectors, the move is unprecedented but needed to fend off competitors and pull existing customers closer, appeal to new customers and, more importantly, lock in recurring revenue and smooth income.


Such is the case with KUKA, a leading manufacturer of industrial robots. They even provide alien arms to Tesla for their Model 3 production. KUKA, like other suppliers, has offered its customers options for leasing, more recently they have launched a robot app center where its customers can log in, get advice, find solutions, download apps, and buy parts.

To learn more about how KUKA is part of a revolution in the world of robots click here.

Increasingly, companies like KUKA are leveraging 5 key enablers to drive transformation in their business.

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud technology

The cloud offers flexible, cost-effective solutions for enabling business processes across global operations. Even more important, cloud technology can scale easily to capture, store, and analyze the vast amounts of data generated by businesses today.

Big Data

In the past two years, humans have generated more electronic data than in all of recorded time previously. All that data is the fuel for new insights about customers, opportunities, and revenue streams.

Artificial Intelligence

We recently wrote about Apttus and Microsoft teaming to explore the future impact of Artificial Intelligence. Today, companies are using machine learning and natural language processing to be more efficient and more effective at acquiring and serving customers.

Web Commerce

Last year, US online sales during the winter holidays surpassed sales in brick and mortar stores. A major milestone, and, the trend is certain to increase. The forecast for web commerce between businesses is similar, as more B2B companies are requiring web commerce to satisfy customer expectations for anytime, anywhere, information rich, and self-service experiences.

Subscription Licensing

Service-based offers and subscriptions are increasingly common in consumer and industrial markets. This is because they are valuable to both the customer and the provider. Increasingly common, as a result, are the needs of businesses trying to serve and grow their subscription customers. Finding agile solutions for quoting, contracting, fulfillment, and invoicing is a common problem for businesses new to offering services, especially alongside legacy offerings.

If that’s not enough, growing revenue from existing customers increases the challenge for sales teams and business leaders. Without proper tools, fully integrated, the challenge becomes nearly impossible, especially when dealing with a large product catalog.

The answer, however, is close at hand.

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