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We’re a couple days before the Quote-to-Cash Event of the Year and the interwebs are already buzzing about #AccelerateQTC.

At this year’s Accelerate, Apttus is going to bring social media to the forefront with different things like a social media philanthropy campaign through Creddon benefiting Girls Who Code and Team Breezy, social media walls, our very first Accelerate Snapchat filter, and we’ll even have our first social media vending machine where you can tweet to get a prize.

One way we drummed up excitement before the event is that we held our second ever Twitter Chat called “Blast off Chat off.” We had a huge audience share their 140 character thoughts on 9 different questions. We had Salesforce MVPs, Accelerate Speakers, Sponsors, and friends chime in and share Salesforce tips, their most anticipated session at Accelerate, and even what their favorite car is in Jay Leno’s collection.

We wanted to pick our favorite tweet for each question and share it with you…

Question 1

Okay, I’ll admit it. Adam’s was my favorite because he has so many certifications on his Twitter profile image that it appears as though he’s wearing a crown.

Question 2

The Salesforce Dreamin’ track is definitely going to be a good one! Brett pointed out one that will definitely be a battle between who can bring the best Salesforce hack.

Question 3

Coming from a performing arts background myself, I share Brendon’s love of this NPO!

Question 4

Bluewolf pointed out one thing I like about Lightning… but then again, I love everything Lightning!

Question 5

Our very own Eric Dreshfield has to take the cake with this answer. Doesn’t get more clear than a parental advisory image.

Question 6

Will the real OG Salesforce users please stand up? Yes, Geraldine, you should definitely stand up. How cool is a signed certificate from Benioff?

Question 7

Now that’s some serious muscle from Jay Leno’s collection!

Question 8

Michael, I completely agree. Accelerate is not just about the cool speakers (ahem, Jay Leno), the Giant’s trophies, the social media vending machine, it’s really about bringing people together to bounce ideas off each other and to foster a community… but, the other stuff sure is cool too.

Bonus Question

Well, this Twitter chat ended on a positive note!

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