April 8 by Allison Raaker

It’s another year and another Accelerate. The Quote-to-Cash event of the year is bigger, better, and greener than ever before! Here is a look at the opening day keynote highlights which all centered around two key themes: accelerating the speed of your business, and cultivating happy customers.

Partners shared exciting surprises in how they are currently working with Apttus to improve the Quote-to-Cash process. DocuSign, Adobe, Accenture, and Deloitte all discussed developing trends in the expansion of digital business. They were followed by a bevy of Apttus customers across several verticals, including Communications, Manufacturing, and Healthcare, presented their success in streamlining their Quote-to-Cash processes.

Accelerate 2015

Aesynt stole the show as they unveiled a new success video. As Mary Beth Gargani, the pharmacy provider’s Director of Sales, reported some impressive numbers including 40% growth in deal size and 100% user adoption of Apttus within sales.

This session served as a perfect transition away from the theme of speed of business and toward a growing focus for companies everywhere, customer happiness. In fact, Kirk Krappe, CEO of Apttus, took the opening session to tell all of the people in the room that this year is the “Year of the Happy Customer.”

The excitement did not stop there. We later heard about a couple of philanthropy aspects at Apttus, really rounding out Apttus and allowing to give back 1 percent of the company’s time to volunteer. Ray Mitra, an employee of Apttus and founder of Induz, came up to share his passion for helping low income students to be able to experience the arts. He simply put it “I love to make people happy.” Something at Apttus that speaks to the ongoing success of the Happy Customer campaign.

AccelerateBreezy Bochenek, a Challenged Athlete Foundation member, also shared her story and her passion to help others. She also really challenged the audience to step outside of their comfort zone. This is something that no matter where people are in their life there is a place where it stands outside of their comfort zone. Breezy argued that this is actually where the magic happens. Apttus stands by this statement wholeheartedly. This is exactly how Apttus got their start: by moving outside of the comfort zone and outside of the norm. This conference is the end result of the Apttus founders continuously stepping out of their comfort zone and fostering the “true magic” of Apttus.

Accelerate 2015Speaking of “Magic”, the ever awaited, Magic Johnson, delivered an inspiring message about inspiring others and leadership. He snapped a few selfies with the audience. He told his story about where he came from and how he got to be where he is today. He focused on speed and how it is crucial to both basketball and Sales. He talked about he built his business on partnerships and what everyone brings to the table. In fact Magic even said, “Quote to Cash that is cool. I better get that software tomorrow.” When Magic gives you a tip, you better listen.

“I always think outside the box. It is not enough to just deliver anymore. If you over-deliver you are going to the retention you are looking for. That is what I decided to do, over-deliver to that customer. ”- Magic Johnson

Salesforce CIO Ross Meyercord wrapped up the opening day with a closing keynote, professing the power of customer engagement and customer success. “Because of you, the customer, Salesforce is better than it has ever been.”

The room was packed for both the morning and evening keynotes. The Palace hotel was alive and buzzing with all sorts of activity and eager attendees. Stay tuned for more Apttus insight and Accelerate updates both here on the blog as well as on our social channels. If the opening session is just the beginning, you will want to be sure that you do not miss a thing.


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