April 21 by Russell Banzon

Other than a full size T-Rex skeleton, there were a ton of amazing things that took place at Accelerate this year. Magic Johnson was in the house; Mount Everest veteran Paul Deegan told a harrowing story of his climb to the summit and the deadliest storm to hit the face of our planet’s largest peak; there was an amazing gala at San Francisco’s Academy of Sciences; and thousands (two to be exact) of partners, customers and industry leaders joined us to learn more about the incredible benefits of Quote-to-Cash technology. Whether you missed it, or just want to relive it, here is a look at my 5 favorite highlights:

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1. Selfies and Social Media Hype

Selfie at Accelerate 2015

The conversations that we had at Accelerate this year were amazing, not only in person, but digitally as well. With our hashtag we saw almost 10 Million impressions (that’s 10M times that Accelerate appeared on peoples newsfeeds!). Not only that, but in our mobile app powered by Double Dutch, we saw nearly 3000 posts. We got to see photos of people becoming friends, folks sharing best practices, party-goers grabbing drinks, and a lot of selfies. Franco Finn (we all know him best as the announcer for the Golden State Warriors) tried to top Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars by taking an on-stage selfie with 2,000 other Accelerate attendees in the background. I guess that’s more of a ‘groupie’ than a selfie.

2. Apttus Dance Crew

Apttus AccelerateBefore the magical keynote by 3-time MVP Earvin “Magic” Johnson, we had the Apttus Dance Crew back to do another performance following up on the commercial they did for Dreamforce. This time around we saw dancers representing The Company from the Westlake School for the Performing Arts perform to Chris Brown and Magic!. Although hip-hop dancing is not something you’d expect at a software technology conference, it got the crowd pumped as it was a fun way to break up they day from powerpoint. A magical performance before Magic of dancers moving to Magic!, have I said magic too much?


3. Shooting Hoops With Adobe

Adobe at Accelerate 2015

We all know how much Adobe loves basketball given that they were the reason why thousands of Golden State Warriors fans had new shirts at Fan Night. They brought the spirit of hoops to Accelerate this year with a game of recycle bin 3-pointers. It was a fun way to promote their brand name change from Adobe EchoSign to Adobe Document Cloud with E-Sign Services. You can be sure that plenty of people will be “dunking their documents” around the office with the portable rim, thank you Adobe!

4. We All Scream For Ice Cream


Who doesn’t love ice cream? Which is why we partnered with Frozen Kuhsterd to bring sweet frozen treats to Accelerate. With decadent flavors like Blue Velvet, Coffee, Mint Green, and Guittard Chocolate topped off with burnt caramel sauce or crushed Oreos, what’s not to love? But what was really cool was the ice cream app. Yes, you heard right- we created a mobile app on the Salesforce1 platform where you could configure your own perfect ice cream on your phone and simply pick it up seconds later! It was such a hit with our attendees that we had over 400+ orders within just hours of being in business. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a sweet surprise at Accelerate ’16! Or even sooner at DF15!

5. Inspiration From A Younger Generation

Breezy Bochenek at Accelerate 2015

At only 13 years old, cancer survivor Breezy Bochenek told a packed room that “[she] had learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” She reminded all of us that with a positive attitude and a willingness to push beyond our expectations, we can achieve anything. The fun here is that amongst a huge room of innovators in their respective industries ranging from technology, healthcare, financial services, and more, it may be from a 13-year old heroin that we were inspired the most. To hear more about Breezy’s story, watch her speech at TedX last year.

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