April 3 by Eric Dreshfield

Salesforce recently celebrated its 19th birthday, and over the past several years they have taken their message on the road, hosting world tours in major cities across the globe. For some people, the World Tour is the only Salesforce event they can attend each year. In the Northeastern US, the New York World Tour provides a full day of innovation and inspiration. Here’s the top 4 reasons to attend:

1. We are All Trailblazers – The keynote address – it’s a message that Salesforce delivers well. They started with simple CRM and have built a platform, ecosystem and community around it that empower all of us to transform our lives and careers, along with businesses, and nonprofit organizations all around the world. We all blaze a trail to new heights. Although the keynote speaker for the New York World Tour hasn’t yet been announced, I’m certain the message delivered will be inspirational.


2. Networking with Hundreds of People – World Tour events are great for networking with others in the Salesforce Community. It’s a great time to visit with your Salesforce Ohana – your extended family. Since it’s a much smaller event than Dreamforce, it’s easier to get around, easier to meet people, and easier to have conversations that could change your life. You’re bound to meet all sorts of people, from all sorts of backgrounds, during the sessions, the networking reception and in the Customer Success Expo. It can all start with “Hello, I’m Eric.”


3. Customer Success Expo – There are plenty of opportunities to discover a new partner, a new app, and a new solution in the Customer Success Expo. Apttus partner DocuSign, is a Platinum Sponsor of the New York World Tour. Be sure to visit with them during your time in the Expo.


4. Meet with Apttus – Apttus, a proud Gold Sponsor of the New York World Tour, is ready to meet with you to help your organization innovate, transform and grow. Come talk to us to learn about the Intelligent Middle Office Platform.

Can’t make it to the New York Salesforce World Tour? Join us at Apttus Accelerate, San Francisco, May 14-16, 2018. Register using promo code BLOG50A for a special discount!


We hope to see you in New York City. Book a meeting today to be entered to win a $300 gift certificate for a Broadway show of your choice!