April 15 by Eric Dreshfield

Salesforce has been taking their message of innovation, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and all things mobile and cloud, on the road for some time now, hosting events in major cities across the globe. For some people, Basecamp events are the only Salesforce event they can attend each year. On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, Salesforce Basecamp comes to Munich and provides a full day of innovation and inspiration, and is the meeting place of many important decision-makers from Germany’s finest companies. Here’s the top 4 reasons to attend:

1. Two Keynotes – The morning keynote address will discuss how the fourth industrial revolution has impacted us all, not only in the way we live, but also in how we work. Through smart devices and artificial intelligence, our personal lives as consumers are made easier with individualized recommendations on everything from what we should eat to what we should wear. In our professional lives, this customer experience is what separates good from great. Does your company deliver an experience that provides your customers with a customized brand experience with each interaction, no matter what channel it takes place? Learn more on how to exceed the expectations of your customers from innovative, Trailblazing companies like AUDI AG and Knauf Group.  The evening keynote features Salesforce Country Leader, Joachim Schreiner, who explains why “It’s time to take responsibility,” time to get involved with social change, and take a stand on issues like equal opportunity and inclusion. This keynote is dedicated to the topics of openness, transparency, and diversity, and how we call can take part in changing the world for the better.

2. The Battle – Two teams, one real business challenge from a CxO. One epic competition.  At the beginning of the morning keynote two teams of industry and digitalization experts will be introduced and then given a business challenge to solve. The time they have to solve the challenge is only as long as the morning keynote.  After the keynote, the two teams will take the stage to pitch their solution. It’s real, it’s live. It’s digital transformation right before your eyes.

3. Customer Success Expo – There are plenty of opportunities to discover a new partner, a new app, and a new solution for your organization in the Customer Success Expo. Apttus partners Accenture, Deloitte Digital, Jitterbit and PwC will be there. Be sure to visit with them during your time in the Expo.  

4. Meet with Apttus – Apttus, a proud Gold Sponsor of the Munich Basecamp, is ready to meet with you to help your organization maximize revenue with Apttus Intelligent Middle Office™ and commercial backbone for the services economy. Come talk to us to learn more. To schedule a meeting contact us today.

Learn more about why Intelligent Quote-to-Cash is critical to your success. Meet with us at the Salesforce Basecamp Munich.