January 31 by Conga

B2B E-Commerce in a Digital World

The challenges that B2B firms face in 2017 are fundamentally different from those faced by their B2C counterparts. The #1 challenge facing B2B companies is adapting to the complexities of this new digital world. As digital channels grow in number and complexity, these B2B firms need new solutions to keep up. In the below video, you will learn about the 4 reasons firms today need Intelligent E-Commerce solutions to keep up with this complexity – and deliver the customer experiences that win new customers.

Introduction to Aberdeen Blog Series

The above video is a short introduction to the comprehensive 4 part Intelligent E-Commerce blog series writen by Omer Minkara, Contact Center & Customer Experience Management at Aberdeen Group. This blog series will follow for the next 4 Tuesdays, and can be found here on the Apttus Blog. In this series you will get a in depth introduction to Intelligent E-Commerce, the topics including: How tech is minimizing complexity, Omni-Channel B2B E-Commerce, machine learning, and the future of E-Commerce solutions – intelligent agents. Enjoy!

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