November 3 by Carlos Torres

Equipping your sales team with the proper content and tools is vital for their path to success. Your reps need to have the right content and training to not only meet their sales quota, but positively impact company revenue. This is where sales enablement steps in. Sales enablement helps your sales reps engage with prospects in the most effective manner as possible by giving them the necessary resources that they can utilize in the sales process: white papers, tips for sales pitches, cheat sheets, videos, and more. Here are 4 strategies to empowering sales enablement:

1. Motivate the person, not the sales rep

measure the right things for sales enablementThe great College Football coach Lou Holtz was asked “how do you motivate 100 players to exceed expectations every single week?” his answer? “You don’t motivate the player, you motivate 100 individuals”. The Notre Dame Legend has a great point; Silicon Valley is an ever-changing landscape. One day you’re a 400 person startup and the next day, you’re the meanest unicorn the valley has ever seen. With that being said, each person that comes in to your organization will have a different reason to succeed.

As a manager, you must find what drives your reps and align those goals with the organizational roadmap. As a leader, you must be ready to adapt the way you communicate to the cast around you and cater to your team’s strengths. This is essential to power up your sales enablement team, lead them to success, and most importantly hit the number.

2. Measure the right things

a winning culture helps sales enablementWith a CRM platform, your sales team can essentially run a report on pretty much anything and everything imaginable. Want to see what accounts belong to? Done. Want pipeline projections for Q4 of 2015? Done. Who’s winning that Monday Night Football game with playoff implications? Done. All of this is fine and all, but is your department measuring leading indicators? Or are you just measuring for the sake of measuring?

Mark Hunter, CEO at The Sales Hunter believes that it is critical for your sales team to not only know what the leading indicators are, but what they mean, and why they are so important for the greater good of your organization. Next time you look at your dashboard, are the measurements actually helping or hurting your sales team? And does everyone know the importance of the numbers being measured?

3. Establish a winning culture

motivating the sales rep is key to sales enablementTom Brady is known for being a fierce, almost psychotic competitor. Here’s a guy that cried during an interview when asked to describe his draft day experience….. Ten years after he was drafted! In other words, the man wants to win. Crying aside, Tom Brady developed a winning attitude at everything he does throughout the years, which has clearly helped him become one of the all-time greats. Unfortunately, many orgs don’t have a “Hi-I’m-Tom-Brady-and-I-need-to-be-great-at-every-single-thing-I-do” attitude in their day-to-day activities.

While we might not all be Tom Brady, we all have the capacity to develop a winning culture, and it all starts from the top down. Sales leaders must be willing to share their tactics to everybody within their org and establish a friendly, competitive environment. For best practice, your business development team should host weekly training seminars in order to ensure that everyone continuously learns and strives to exceed in not only their individual expectations, but group expectations as well.

Establishing a sustainable winning culture can be the difference between having a killer sales platoon and just another sales team. And let’s be honest, as great of a person Drew Bledsoe is, no one will be building statues in his image in the near future.

4. Create a bridge between sales and marketing

sales enablement relationshipsSometimes the failure to build a strong line of communication between two parties can deliver disastrous results. This seems to be the case between the Sales and Marketing departments across all enterprises.

Rather than maintaining a wall between both departments that would make Donald Trump blush, a clear line of communication between sales and marketing seems like the sensible thing to do. Both departments need to unite as one to showcase
their organizations winning efforts. Taking initiative to bridge the gap between both departments can lead to improvements in pipeline development, including more deal wins and less losses.


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