March 31 by Patrick Wolf

Accelerate 2016 Keynote

Apttus Accelerate, the Quote-to-Cash event of the year, is less than 31 days away! If you haven’t already registered, or even if you have, here’s 31 reasons why you should be getting excited about attending!


1) Starting off strong, we announced last week that the American magician, illusionist and endurance artist David Blaine will be performing at Accelerate 2017. An act that is never far from the headlines, some of David’s most famous feats include being buried alive, holding his breath for 8 minutes and 58 seconds, and being dangled upside down for over 60 hours. He is also widely known for his impossible playing card tricks; take a look at this quick video for reference.

2) Best known for classic songs including the Mirror in the Bathroom and Save it For Later, The English Beat – who fuses ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock – will be the cant miss performance of the week.

3) Considered by many to be the most sought after sales trainer in the high tech/software industry, GuruGanesha Khalsa will be holding a free sales training this year at Accelerate.

4) An original member of the mid 1990s MIT Blackjack team – yes the one from the movie “21” – Jeff Ma will be at Accelerate 2017. Ma joined ESPN in 2014 as a predictive analytics expert and was also the CEO and founder of an SF based startup that sold to Twitter in 2015.

5) Last year brought over 3000 attendees to Accelerate, and this year is set to exceed 3500. Between the Product Training, the Opening Keynote, the Welcome Reception, the Accelerate Evening Gala, and more, you will have so many opportunities to spend time with your peers and learn from their experiences.

6) A retinue of Featured Analyst Speakers, including Andy Hoar and Andrew Bartels of Forrester Research, speaking throughout Accelerate.

7) The FOOD! There will be over 10 food trucks from San Francisco’s finest dinning available on wheels.

8) 100+ expert led sessions across over 7 persona geared tracks for CRM administrators, B2B leaders, E-commerce visionaries, industry analyst insights, legal luminaries, Quote-to-Cash Masters, Sales executives, and Sales Ops “Optimizers.”


9) This Accelerate 2016 video recap!



10) The welcome reception on Tuesday, May 2nd at AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants.

11) Keynote speaker, and Apttus CEO, Krik Krappe, who will be announcing Apttus’ most recent category defining innovation, and defining the path forward for Quote-to-Cash.

12) Franco Finn, also known as the “Warriors Hype Man”, will be returning this year as the EMCEE of Accelerate.

13) For the second year in a row, pier 48 in San Francisco will be hosting Accelerate. With its amazing views of AT&T Park and the bay, Pier 48 is a great place to spend a nice sunny day.

14) Apttus Training Day at Accelerate 2017, provides a full day of training where you can learn all about Quote-to-Cash – and set your career and company up for success.

15) 96% of attendees from last year’s event stated that they recommend it to others.

16) Attending Accelerate can help you maximize your Apttus ROI. 93% of attendees surveyed said their Accelerate investment was a good value for the time/money.

17) The Cloud Expo at this year’s Accelerate will feature extensive, hands on solutions showcases as well as dozens of partner solutions.

18) The Apttus Circles of Circles of Success allows customers of Apttus to get real product questions answered by the product experts, all in a small group environment.


19) Accelerate attendees report gains across their Quote-to-Cash process including:



Faster Contracting Processing


Average Increase in Sales Revenue


Average Increase in Deal Size


Faster Quoting


Faster Quote-to-Cash Cycle Time


Average Increase in Win Rate


20) The Fact that Accelerate is only 32 Days away!

21) The tier 1 collection of sponsors and partners, including Microsoft, Accenture, Duff & Phelps and Domo.

22) Apttus is giving away a free trip to Accelerate, including a $500 Airline Voucher, a $600 hotel voucher and a $100 visa gift card to spend on whatever you like. If you have not already signed up – do so now!

23) The city of San Francisco! It’s very difficult to find a better host city than the San Francisco in the early summer.

24) The fun! It’s more than just sessions and keynotes. There’s a lot of fun baked into the event too!

25) Networking opportunities galore! No matter what your role, company size or industry, the Apttus Community is ready to share their knowledge, skills, or even just an Accelerate lunch with you! Relationships built at Accelerate can last a lifetime!

26) Come early or stay late and enjoy all these great events in and around city!

27) Maximize your insights through two days of thought leadership, best practices and insightful keynotes!

28) Maximize your learning from not only the 100+ sessions but also the 3500+ attendees!

29) Maximize your outcomes with actionable ideas to take your company’s performance and your career to new heights!

30) David Blaine may be the special guest and magician, but the real magic comes from our very own “Max”!!

31) You! Without you at Accelerate, you’ll certainly miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Join us at Apttus Accelerate 2018, May 14-16, San Francisco. Register today with Promo Code BLOG50A for a special discount!


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