March 17 by Neema Jyothiprakash

outcomes as a service components

Once a year. 5 days. 100,000 people. Key words: Digital, Transform, Innovate, the Future, Technology.

No, it’s not Dreamforce, although it sounds similar! This event is CeBIT, held in Hannover, Germany from March 14 -18. CeBIT promises a “360-degree panoramic view of the digital world” for IT solution providers, users, Internet companies, and every variety of digital messiahs.

Sessions focus on digital transformation across business and personal worlds, with speakers ranging from C-Levels at Vodafone, Ericsson Salesforce, Nokia, Google, to policy executives, and even the occasional marine biologist.

Apttus’ own Lance Gilmour, General Manager of EMEA, also took the stage to speak on “Modern Manufacturing: Connected products, Connected Commerce.” Even if you aren’t in the manufacturing industry, the key points from Lance’s presentation are relevant to any business committed to these 3 strategic initiatives (Hint: should include everyone):

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Profitability and Revenue Growth
  • The Manufacturing Guide to Digital Transformation

    Download this guide to learn how you can transform your manufacturing business and get a leg up on your competition with digital solutions.

    You’ve heard of these imperatives before and you know they are critical to any business’ strategy and success. What’s different now is the paradigm shift necessary in order to truly transform your business.

    What does that mean?

    In order to control your results you need to automate your Quote-to-Cash processes, maximize incentives to optimize behavior, and utilize machine driven insights with highly intelligent and prescriptive data. Most companies (and most IT providers) are still focused on number 1, automating your processes. But that only enhances current business model, as opposed to fundamentally transforming it.

    The 3 Key Components to an Outcome Driven Business

    customer loyalty

    1. Improved Customer Loyalty

  • Focus on the “customer experience” – every touch point they have with your organization should be specific to them. It should be quick, painless, and empowering.
  • Machine learning is key: it drives intelligent product & services selection for your new customers, and asset intelligence recommends the best products for upsell and cross sell.
  • Promotions enable reps to address price sensitive customers while meeting revenue objectives.
  • E-commerce reduces reliance on multiple partners, enables customer self-reliance, and ensures perfect order orchestration.
  • 2. Maximized Strategic Partnerships

  • Intelligently allocate service and project proposals to the most effective partners.
  • Drive appropriate partner sales behavior with rebate & commissions programs.
  • Maximize customer retention: optimize their current assets and anticipate their future needs.
  • One-stop service via portals for your partners to access systems and solutions.
  • 3. Increased Profitability and Revenue Growth

  • Assess and change pricing / revenue models against real time customer data.
  • Stay ahead with new revenue strategies based on IoT ready, usage, consumption, or milestone based models.
  • Create winning sales teams: incentive and comp strategies that reward profitability, aligned with the company’s outcomes.
  • Dynamic deal analysis ready to work within the buying process.
  • increased revenue

    These tactics and unique Apttus capabilities are urgently important to the modern manufacturer – a business that has always sold products and now sells services, competes in a world where copycat design is volatile, and has customers who trade in brand-loyalty for transactional buying and lower prices.

    State of Quote-to-Cash

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