For All Business Stakeholders in the Middle Office

Legal Luminaries

The modern law department is no longer the “back office”, it’s a strategic part of the business on the front line of deals, partnerships, and C-suite decisions. Hear how companies are using technology to drive the transformation of the legal function, discover how forward-looking generals counsel are partnering with their businesses, and hear from global experts on the trends shaping the future of law. Equip yourself with the knowledge to lead in the legal world.

Selling Executives

Sellers today have to be knowledgeable about more products, more solutions, and more industries than ever before all while coordinating with an expanding set of internal stakeholders, complying with regulatory requirements, and mastering a myriad of technology tools. Explore strategies, processes and technologies to rethink the entire scope of selling, so you and your team can be empowered for sales success.

Sales ops

So what do world-class sales operations functions actually look like? McKinsey & Company reported that companies that build world-class sales operations functions can realize one-time improvements of 20 to 30 percent in sales productivity, with sustained annual increases as high as 10 percent. Join us as we explore the process re-engineering, automation and optimization required for these types of gains.

it Professionals

CIOs and their teams do much more than make the technology work. You also need to understand the emerging technologies and trends that will have the greatest impact on your business, then learn how to obtain and deploy them. Winning IT Executives see beyond the horizon to understand what their businesses will need now and in the future. Learn with other eagle-eyed IT experts to get a full understanding of the technology trends that matter for you.

quote-to-cash innovators

Quote-to-Cash business transformation demands comprehensive automation of quoting, contracts and revenue management—but it takes more to realize the full potential of these investments. In these sessions, you’ll learn about the practices business leaders have applied to bring innovation to their enterprises and to realize decisive business outcomes from their Quote-to-Cash projects including securing adoption, achieving sales success, delivering customer-first experiences and acquiring business agility.

digital transformers

New technology should do more than solve a tactical need—it must accelerate the company’s move toward digital-first operations. More and more, companies are appointing Chief Digital Officers to direct these transformations. This track will explore the ways companies are executing digital transformations today, and provide tools and methods that you can take away to build a digital-first future at your company.

sys admins

The Admin track at Accelerate is the platform for Admins to deliver and absorb engaging, actionable and memorable content that helps them drive success for their businesses and elevate their careers. Admins, Developers and IT professionals will learn tips, tricks and hacks in change management, release management, analytics and reporting, user adoption and more.

finance executives

The new back office is about much more than keeping the books. Modern CFOs and their teams need to inform the design of their companies’ Quote-to-Cash processes, both to improve performance and to comply with ever-changing regulations and rules such as IFRS 15/ASC 606. Join these sessions to learn how other finance executives have adopted and driven change at their companies in ways that you can apply in your own business.