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Supplier Relationship Management

Smarter Spend and Greater Compliance for Your Changing Business

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Watch the video above for an introduction to Apttus Supplier Relationship Management. Interested in more? Download the SRM Data Sheet to learn how you can drive additional value from your supplier relationships.

Building upon Apttus Buy-Side Contract Management, Apttus Supplier Relationship Management is a flexible solution that can help your entire company get more insight into spend and compliance for all your vendors, no matter how often your business changes. With Apttus, you can see everything your customers have ordered, what your suppliers have promised, and all the changes that happen throughout the purchasing process.

Unlike other procurement systems that are too rigid to keep up with changing procurement needs, only Apttus can support your ongoing requirements for all your vendors, regions and regulatory agencies.

Built on Salesforce1, the world’s most flexible, robust and secure cloud platform, Apttus Supplier Relationship Management provides unprecedented flexibility to support any procurement need, advanced insight into all vendor obligations and visibility into customer demands across all channels. With Apttus, you’ll dramatically improve your bottom line through lower supplier spend, greater compliance and lower TCO.

Key Supplier Relationship Management Benefits

  • Lower Supplier Spend: Track spend across all suppliers, contracts, channels.
  • Greater Compliance: Audit and track all aspects of compliance in a central location.
  • Lower TCO: Use a single platform for managing all vendors, products and regions.

Key Supplier Relationship Management Capabilities

  • Supplier Engagement: Improve supplier collaboration and onboarding through self-service registration, onboarding wizard, supplier qualification and more.
  • Strategic Sourcing: Drive smarter spend with multi-stage RfX, supplier performance management and full integration with Apttus Contract Management.
  • Supplier Contract Management: Reduce risks through standard supplier contract templates, alerts and notifications for non-standard language or terms.
  • Procurement: Streamline purchasing transactions with electronic purchase orders, advanced workflows and automated invoices.
  • Spend Analytics: Improve visibility and transparency across all categories, and integrate to ERP for aggregate spend information.

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