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Boost and Streamline All Your Revenue

Introduction to
Quote-to-Cash is the end-to-end business process between the buyer’s interest... VIEW VIDEO
Watch the video above for an introduction to Quote-to-Cash. Want to learn more? Download the Ultimate Guide to Quote-to-Cash to discover how it can help you speed time to revenue.

Apttus provides comprehensive Quote-to-Cash solutions built on the Salesforce1 platform, designed to delight customers and boost revenue. Unlike other systems requiring extensive coding and integrations, Apttus Quote-to-Cash provides an integrated view of all customers, quotes and contracts – helping you drive revenue growth, reduce errors and delays, and improve customer loyalty. Apttus has already helped over 300 companies and 500,000 users improve time to revenue, prevent revenue leakage, reduce risks and decrease DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

  • Drive Strategic Revenue Growth: Provide visibility for Sales, Legal and Finance across all quotes, contracts and revenue streams.
  • Enhance Business Agility: Encompass the dexterity and speed to support all business and customer needs
  • Increase User Adoption:  Swift integration of the
    Quote-to-Cash process in coordination with existing
    business tools

Full Quote-to-Cash Footprint

  • Apttus CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote): Allow sales reps and partners to quickly configure, price and quote even the most complex products and services – increasing deal size, shortening sales cycles and ensuring compliance with existing agreements and financial regulations
  • Apttus Contract Management: Reduce revenue leakage, legal risks and operating costs through comprehensive capabilities to easily request, negotiate and finalize contracts
  • Apttus Revenue Management:  Optimize revenue by managing future deal structures, renewals, payment terms, finance structures and contract complianceApttus Quote-to-Cash Footprint

Because Apttus Quote-to-Cash is 100% built on Salesforce, all your configurations, pricing policies, quotes, proposals, contracts and revenue numbers are centrally managed in the world’s most secure and robust technology Salesforce1  platform.

Key Quote-to-Cash Benefits

  • Drive Revenue Growth: Integrated visibility into quotes, purchases, contract terms and pricing
  • Reduce Delays and Errors: Streamline business with a robust, integrated Quote-to-Cash process
  • Improve the Customer Experience: Support multiple, consistent modes of interaction
  • Support Growth Goals: Quickly adapt to business and customer needs to meet your growth targets

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