Quote-to-Cash Applications with Machine Learning

Optimize Every Deal, in Any Sales Channel

What are Quote-to-Cash Applications with Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an innovative category of artificial intelligence that focuses on recognizing patterns in data, predicting outcomes, and recommending relevant, intelligent actions. Apttus Quote-to-Cash applications with machine learning deliver insights not previously available, using real-time pattern recognition and analysis of customer, sales, service, pricing, and product data.

Since we’re the leader in Quote-to-Cash software, we’re uniquely qualified to help you apply machine learning to the area of your business that it will have the greatest impact – winning deals.

Apttus Quote-to-Cash applications with machine learning will move your enterprise beyond legacy analytics to provide data-driven prescriptive insights, intelligence, and recommendations unmatched in the industry.

Let us help you identify and promote the best practices of your top sellers, to the rest of your sales force including all your selling channels with Apttus Quote-to-Cash applications with machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an innovative category of artificial intelligence that focuses on recognizing patterns in data, predicting outcomes, and recommending relevant, intelligent actions. Apttus offers machine learning applications to, for example, help your sales force navigate to the optimal deal.

Machine learning applications are increasingly playing a role in our daily lives. Whether it’s asking your smartphone a question, using recommendations about products or movies, or in the near future, driving your car for you, machine learning is in action all around you. Machine learning has become so common that most of us use it in our daily routines without even realizing it.

Why Invest in Machine Learning Now?

The natural question for enterprise businesses to ask is, why now? Machine learning is not exactly new. While machine learning has been around for decades, the economics of cloud computing, the availability of cloud storage, the proliferation of sensors from connected devices, the pervasive use of mobile devices that consume gigabytes of data in minutes, and freely available machine learning algorithms, coupled with the fact that data scientist is now considered the sexiest job of the 21st century, according to Harvard Business Review, are significant factors accelerating machine learning adoption in the enterprise.

What’s Machine Learning’s Strategic Role in the Enterprise?

In the enterprise, machine learning is proving to be effective at providing prescriptive, actionable, timely and consumable recommendations for your sales organization to act on. With Quote-to-Cash applications with machine learning you can define which behaviors have the highest propensity to drive desired business outcomes and prescribe those actions to users in the form of recommendations.

Benefits include:

  • • Help your sales force navigate to the most optimal deal
  • • Compare customer and sales history to gain insights that help your sales organization to rapidly create winning quotes
  • • Create new opportunities by comparing your customer (and everything you know about them), to every other customer to find the patterns that connect them based on the products they own. These predictions are served to your sales reps, partners or directly to online buyers as highly relevant sales recommendations that make sense for the customer based on similar customers’ purchase history
  • • Provide guidance in the sales process for initial and walk-away discounts

Enterprises eager to compete and win more customers are applying machine learning today.

Move Beyond Reporting and Dashboards

Many enterprises think they are using machine learning, but in fact, they are thinking of legacy analytics or what we call descriptive analytics (graphs, charts, or dashboards that look at what happened in the past). Today, the vast majority of enterprises have needs for descriptive analytics, which are necessary for effective management, but are not sufficient to accelerate business performance. Prescriptive analytics on the other hand deliver granular insights and forecasts showcasing what is likely to occur, accompanied by relevant, system-driven recommendations on next best actions and tactics to adopt.

The ultimate goal is to move up the Apttus Intelligence Capability Pyramid, from reacting based on an understanding of historical data to orchestrating, for example quotes and contracts by automatically adjusting terms based on an understanding of what will happen as a result.

What are the Adoption Rates for Applying Machine Learning to Enterprise Sales & Marketing Scenarios?

The Accenture Institute for High Performance recently completed a study (presented in MIT Sloan Review) that found the following key takeaways:

  • • Two out of five companies have already implemented machine learning based intelligence in sales and marketing.
  • • 38% credited machine learning for improvements in sales performance metrics. Metrics the study tracked include new leads, upsells, and sales cycle times by a factor of two or more while another 41% created improvements by a factor of five or more.
  • • 76% say they are targeting higher sales growth with machine learning.

The bottom line is if you are not using machine learning, chances are your competitors are, and you may be left behind.

What is Holding Your Enterprise Back from Investing in Machine Learning?

“More than 40% of organizations practicing advanced analytics say “the lack of adequate skills” is a challenge. Without previously successful pilots, getting serious business commitment to fund data science projects is complicated, and without experienced data scientists onboard, implementing successful pilots is difficult too.”

(Source: Gartner, Doing Machine Learning Without Hiring Data Scientists, 6.20.16)

Apply Machine Learning to Your Quote-to-Cash Operations

At Apttus, we’ve made it easy to start using machine learning today. Since we’re the leader in Quote-to-Cash software we’re uniquely qualified to help you apply machine learning to the area of your business that will have the greatest impact – winning deals.

Utilizing the Apttus data model and data from any source including your ERP system, your website, social data, usage data, and sensor data, Apttus provides powerful predictive and prescriptive recommendations to your sales teams to maximize deal size, close deals faster and uncover new opportunities.

Help your sales force navigate to the most optimal deal, with an easy to deploy, quick-start package that includes everything you need from machine learning infrastructure, to data science managed services, to implementation assistance for:


Quote scoring that predicts the probability of winning the deal and gives sales reps recommendations to improve the quote and increase the win probability. By learning from historical quote data, quote scoring helps all sales reps sell like the top sales reps.


Cross-sell and up-sell recommendations for products and services that customers are most likely to purchase based on analysis of past purchases and similar customers. Cross-sell and up-sell recommendations help sales reps maximize deal size and increase account penetration with machine learning insights.


Pricing intelligence produces optimal price or discount levels for each deal based on machine learning analysis of the deal characteristics and sales history. Pricing intelligence helps sales reps and sales operations deal desks through the quoting and negotiation process with guidance for initial, target, and walk-away price levels for every deal.

Customer Success Comes Easy With Apttus Quote-to-Cash Applications with Machine Learning

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