Intelligent Workflow Approvals

Enterprise-Class Approvals for Salesforce

Intelligent Workflow Approvals

Enterprise-Class Approvals for Salesforce

Apttus Intelligent Workflow Approvals (IWA) extends the Salesforce workflow and approvals capabilities by providing significant improvements in process automation, control, and scalability. Coupled with ease of use enhancements and more detailed insight into any process, IWA delivers a more automated and effective system for Salesforce customers. It also provides an easier experience for both submitters and approvers with less manual intervention and more granular visibility.

What is Apttus Intelligent Workflow Approvals?

Apttus Intelligent Workflow Approvals (IWA) is a significant extension of the standard Salesforce approvals workflow functionality. While the Salesforce workflow engine has basic approval capabilities, it lacks the control, automation and scalability required by many organizations.

IWA provides a higher level of approval workflow automation, control, ease of use and insight into any business process, leading to a faster, more effective system. It provides an easier experience for both submitters and approvers with less manual intervention and more granular visibility. IWA enables users to set up approvals on pricing, discounting, promotions, contract terms, agreement clauses and more. Its advanced capabilities help you get tighter control and Apttus Intelligent Workflow Approvals can be used with any standard or custom Salesforce efficiency over your business processes.

Apttus Intelligent Workflow Approvals can be used with any standard or custom Salesforce objects, or with any Apttus solution.

The Benefits of Intelligent Workflow Approvals

Automate Intelligent Approvals

Set up guidance-based approvals, reminder notifications, or auto re-approvals based on workflows or custom conditions. Depending on the parameters of the approval, ensure you get the right sign-offs when you need them by escalating your approval to a higher-up when deadlines are near. When you are out of the office, assign backup approvers in your absence and all your approvals will go to the new approver with full audit trails.

Increased Revenue and Margins Through Improved User Behavior

IWA helps increase revenue and margins by driving desired organizational behavior for approval submitters. For example, IWA provides a preview of approvers based on discount or other thresholds or conditions at the point of approval request. By having access to the complete list of approvers in the approval cycle, submitters adjust their behavior accordingly, generating better results for the organization.

Granular and Dynamic Approvals

With ‘what-if’ scenario planning and multiple-condition approvals, quickly adjust parameters to drive approvals to the appropriate people. Set different approvers for each line of a proposal, instead of having one approver for everything. Effortlessly add approvers, re-assign requests, or use mass approvals. Approvers can be added ad hoc, even while an approval is in progress. With optional quorum, majority, or percent-based group approval options, approvals no longer need to be unanimous. Not only can you view the status of the entire approval flow, but you can also consolidate multiple approvals into one notification.

Advanced Administrative Capabilities

There is no limit to the number of approval steps with IWA, and it can accommodate approvals across multiple related objects. Plus, approval requests can be assigned to custom approval hierarchies.

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Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_SalesSave Time, Sell More

Fast-track approvals and reduce time needed to review deals by streamlining processes so you can focus on selling. Check-in on all approval details (statuses, comments, escalations). Launch approval flows when you’re in the field with mobile capabilities, and make the most of intelligent auto re-approvals to get deals out the door fast and crush your quota.

Drive Sales Performance and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Increase productivity and enable your sales team to do more with less effort by making salesforce work for you. Automate complex approval chains and workflows while discovering and removing bottlenecks with cycle time reports and dashboards. Audit and track all approvals and approval histories in one central location to better manage approval flows.

Persona_CLM_ITMaximize Your Salesforce Productivity

You’ve already invested in Salesforce—now it’s time to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Use Apttus Advanced Workflow and Approvals to speed up manual processes, gain visibility into approval flows, provide novel self-service capabilities for any department—and more. Minimize time spent on data management so you can focus on your most valuable tasks.

quote-to-cash-solutions-financeBring Agility and Collaboration to Finance

If your Finance team lives exclusively in ERP, it can be difficult to get the insights you need from the front-office teams that live in Salesforce. Apttus AWA gives you an easy way to manage complex financial approval workflows, easily audit and track all approvals and approval histories, and get more visibility into pricing and discounts—so you have more of the data you need to accurately forecast and report.

Make Processes More Strategic and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Become a strategic player in the organization by automating workflows and approval processes so you can focus on the important tasks at hand. Provide the most thorough approval process without creating bottlenecks with line-level approvals, parallel or sequential chains, and auto-approvals to move deals along fast.

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