Drive Performance With Targeted Incentives For All Your Channels

What is Apttus Incentives?

Apttus Incentives improves the performance of direct sales teams, partners, channels and E-Commerce websites by integrating rebates, promotions and incentives into your sales, contract, and revenue process.

The Benefits of Incentives

Quickly Design and Deploy Incentive Programs

Enable your sales leaders and compensation professionals to manage and execute incentive programs to produce optimal selling behaviors across all selling channels.  Influence desired selling behaviors with commission programs, bonus plans, SPIFFs and other incentive programs. Impact selling decisions at the time of sale by providing real-time commission estimations to sellers. Scale sophisticated incentive programs with comprehensive plan rules, matrixed sales crediting arrangements and hierarchical relationships across regions and channels.

Flawlessly Execute Optimal Promotional Campaigns

Enable marketing and promotions managers to design, execute, and measure promotional campaigns across sales channels. Define promotional programs using strategies such as flat amount, tiered, volume-based, and revenue-based.  Identify the most effective promotions by analyzing programs using A/B testing, and make on-the-fly adjustments to optimize the yield on each campaign.

Manage Rebates with Flexibility and Speed

Streamline rebate management, simplify processing, and recommend rebate programs – all while mitigating revenue leakage. Administer complex rebate programs with ease including setting-up eligibility and benefits in one central location.  Create, update, or amend fixed amount or tiered rebates, based on revenue, volume or performance. Calculate and process payments with speed and accuracy including rebate accruals, actual payments, and retrospective calculations.


Make Incentives Part Of Your Quoting and Contracting Process

Manage your sales team’s plans directly within your CRM; link comp plans to Configure Price Quote and Contract Lifecycle Management for better management, performance, and tracking of your quarterly goals.

CPQ Software Solution

Contract Management

Customer Success Comes Easy With Apttus

When you partner with Apttus, you become a member of the world’s largest community of Quote-to-Cash leaders, achievers and motivators—including experienced CRM administrators, domain experts and CRM MVPs—who can help you grow your own expertise and deliver more value no matter your role. Get the most from Apttus by engaging with our online community, participating in one of our advanced training workshops, or joining over 3,000 Quote-to-Cash experts from Sales, Finance, Legal and IT at our annual user conference, Apttus Accelerate.

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Solutions for the Entire Organization

Persona_CLM_SalesKeep Sales Focused and Motivated

Measure and incent your sales team for a more efficient and profitable Quote-to-Cash cycle. Influence the behavior of reps during the selling process by guiding them to sell the right solutions through the power of Configure Price Quote and Incentives. Drive performance by helping reps track to quota attainment, with visibility into bonuses, commissions and SPIFFs along the way.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-sales-operationsManage Incentives In One Place

Get a full picture of the effectiveness of your incentives programs; robust dashboards reveal at-a-glace what incentives are working, total costs of any given deal post incentives payouts, top products by commission, and more. Make sure your pay out calculations are accurate; and leverage your CRM agility to make changes with minimal re-work.

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Persona_CLM_ITIncrease The Stickiness of Apttus Intelligent Cloud

Make Apttus Intelligent Cloudtm the go-to place for reps by adding visibility into their comps, bonuses, SPIFs and more. With cloud-based integration into your existing systems for channel partners and Finance teams, you can achieve a seamless data flow.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-financeKnow The Financial Impact Of Your Incentives

Want to know the gap between gross and net revenue? Take control of your partner commitments and payouts, track costs and adjusted profits by product, sector, customer, etc., and use advanced analytics to better control incentive spending , margins, and discount levels to avoid unprofitable business.

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Persona_ECommerce_MarketingGain The Agility To Respond To Market Conditions

Quickly modify rebates to match changing market conditions, and measure success of programs by type of program, channel, region and other parameters.

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quote-to-cash-solutions-legalFulfill Your Promises to Partners and Reps

With integration to Apttus Contract Management, Legal can ensure payment on the rebates and promotion incentives promised to partners. Ensure payouts are based on the terms and performance levels that you and your partners have signed off on in your agreements.

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