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ONE brand. ONE experience. ONE platform.

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E-Commerce is a leading priority for executives, both in B2B and B2C... READ MORE
Apttus E-Commerce is the only solution that fully supports global e-commerce for complex products and pricing models across multiple channels on the Salesforce1 platform. To learn more, download the Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce.

Apttus offers the only E-Commerce solution that leverages Salesforce1, the world’s most trusted business platform, and Apttus’ transformative CPQ functionality to support multi-channel sales for all products on ONE platform. Built on the industry’s most flexible and innovative technology, we empower enterprises to rapidly deliver highly personalized, branded storefronts–in multiple languages and currencies–across all geographies and devices. With the power of Apttus E-commerce, product, pricing, and promotional information is always accurate and up-to-date, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Salesforce-enabled business agility

Salesforce1 is the world’s most trusted cloud-based business platform and the most agile solution for building, evolving and scaling a global, multi-channel sales strategy. Leverage the power of Salesforce.com to rapidly respond to changing market conditions armed with insight you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Rapidly build and launch new sites. Quickly create professional, high-performance, mobile-enabled websites that deliver up-to-the minute dynamic content in multiple languages and currencies–no additional IT resources needed.
  • Track and adapt. View channel performance in real time and quickly evolve your product, pricing and promotional strategy across markets and regions.
  • Update with clicks, not code. With click to configure technology, your Salesforce administrator can make strategic updates in minutes. No need to learn new languages or proprietary tools.
  • Quickly scale to meet demand. Scale sophisticated product catalogs, pricing and promotional programs across regions and channels, with automation and administrative capabilities that ensure consistency and precise execution.

ONE platform for comprehensive insight

Apttus E-Commerce connects customer contract data, product catalogs, and purchase history from all channels inside Salesforce, delivering comprehensive insight across your entire revenue process. Customer data is fully integrated to provide end-to-end transparency across channels, product lines, and customer segments, enabling you to quickly analyze behavior patterns, detect trends, and remove barriers to sale.

  •  Full visibility into channel performance. View centralized sales data across channels, product lines, and customer segments and get the insight you need to drive conversions and shorten the sales cycle.
  • Fully integrated data for a complete picture. Salesforce easily integrates into any ERP solution, so you can connect your front-end systems to your inventory management and pricing systems, and ensure important product, pricing and inventory decisions aren’t made in a vacuum.
  • ONE source of customer truth. Because Apttus E-Commerce is built on Salesforce1, updated product and customer information lives in ONE centralized location. Quickly push updated data across all channels and speed sales with the confidence that your product catalog, pricing, discounts, and customer data is always up-to-date inside Salesforce.

A supercharged, CPQ-powered sales strategy

Apttus E-Commerce delivers more than just a pretty store front. Our powerful CPQ back-end enables you to deliver user-specific product recommendations and promotions to customers and partners, leveraging contract data and purchase history. Turn your site into a sales effectiveness machine with personalized, dynamic recommendations that automatically drive customers to additional and complementary products as they shop.

  • Optimize user experience. Leverage contract data and customer purchase history to deliver dynamic, user-specific product recommendations and promotions. Selectively show only products, services, bundles and promotions of interest, based on powerful constraint and rules-based configuration technology and transactional data.
  • Offer the right products at the right time. Instantly notify customers when they’re approaching a volume discount or when their warranty is up and make recommendations based on what’s already in their cart.
  •  Reduce shopping cart abandonment. Eliminate issues with checkout and order capture by checking purchases against contract terms, valid configurations and pricing thresholds.
  • Drive revenue with customized guided selling & recommended products. Help customers and partners find the right products through targeted upsell, cross-sell and promotions, guided buying, free-text search, and product comparisons and reviews.

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