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Drive More Sales, Faster, Across All Channels

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E-Commerce is a leading priority for executives, both in B2B and B2C... READ MORE

Apttus E-Commerce is the only solution that fully supports global e-commerce for complex products and pricing models across multiple channels on a single platform. Leveraging powerful Apttus Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology, the solution allows sales organizations to easily configure product offerings and deliver consistent products, prices, and promotions across all channels. Built on the Salesforce1 platform, Apttus E-Commerce enables fully customizable, branded storefronts in multiple languages and currencies to present unique user experiences that boost transaction volume and top-line revenue.

Apttus E-Commerce software is a key component of the Apttus Quote-to-Cash solution, allowing organizations to deliver a seamless e-commerce experience to both end-customers and channel partners, reducing order errors and increasing satisfaction.

  • Streamline Sales Cycles and Increase Revenue: Boost upsell/cross-sell opportunities, improve customer acquisition with timely promotions, and streamline sales cycles with asset-based ordering and subscriptions
  • Rapidly Deploy New Products and Promotions: Quickly adapt to changing market conditions, new sales models and acquisitions to stay ahead of the competition
  • Easily Scale to Meet Demand and Growth Targets: ¬†Support for unlimited product, configuration and pricing complexity helps you quickly meet increased demand, attack new markets, and achieve organizational goals

Key Benefits

  • Boost Revenue: Increase top-line growth for existing revenue and capitalize on new revenue opportunities
  • Deliver a Consistent Experience: Eliminate multiple and inconsistent processes and systems for each channel and geography
  • Stay Up to Date: Real time updates of the latest products, configurations, promotions and prices
  • Reduce Order Issues: Full visibility into contract terms and pricing
  • Communities and Portals: Rapidly resolve issues and broaden lines of communication

Key Capabilities

  • Ease of Use: Help customers and partners find the right products through personalized websites, guided buying, free-text search, product category navigation, product comparisons and reviews, and concierge
  • Revenue Maximization: Create additional selling opportunities through targeted merchandising, personalized accounts, shopping carts, coupons, and add-on sales functionality
  • Advanced Product Configuration: Configure products with deep support for options, constraints, bundles and product visualization
  • Streamlined Purchases: Ensure proper prices with capabilities such as contract pricing, promotions, rebates, taxes, shipping charges and multi-currency support
  • Global Multi-Channel Sales: Scale multi-channel sales with mobile support, multi-lingual capabilities, order integration, analytics and advanced web content management


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