Renewals Management

Boost the Lifetime Value of Customers

Apttus Renewals Management helps you identify expiring contracts, effectively upsell and cross-sell, and reduce contractual issues with renewals by giving you complete insight into quotes and contracts. Built on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud, Apttus Renewals Management helps grow recurring revenue from existing customers, improve customer retention and eliminate renewal errors. Apttus boosts billing efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors through renewals automation and seamless cross-functional visibility.

Apttus Renewals Management software is a key component of the Apttus Quote-to-Cash solution, allowing sales organizations to speed time to revenue, prevent revenue leakage, and reduce risk.

  • Enhance Sales Effectiveness with System-Driven Guidance:
    Improve deal size and close rates by providing all channels the latest product and pricing insights
  • Quickly Scale Your Business:
    Leverage your CRM investment to drive productivity and global growth
  • Sell Anything, From Anywhere, On Any Device:
    Be easy to do business with by ensuring all your sales channels can close deals no matter where they are

Key Benefits

  • Increase Business Agility:
    Quickly model changing needs for renewals business
  • Unlimited Product and Pricing:
    Support complex renewals
  • Single Platform:
    Handle quotes for new deals, add-ons and renewals in a one place
  • Drive Renewal Efficiency:
    Have renewals, contracts and assets in a familiar CRM UI
  • Renewal Cycles:
    Simplify advanced approvals and workflows across complex organizations