Advanced Pricing

Increase Margins and Pricing Excellence

Apttus CPQ allows for the rapid setup of pricing structures. Sales reps can access product lists, pricing guidelines, and discounting rules in real time, both ensuring 100% accuracy and expediting the quoting process. ‘What-if’ pricing scenarios can be investigated, eliminating errors and guessing.

No matter your business model, Apttus CPQ can help. You can use multiple pricing options for products, services, subscription pricing, tiered pricing, usage-based pricing, pricing ramps and more. You can also define a number of price adjustment terms – percent off, amount off, markup and overrides. Management can set discount guardrails deals, improving oversight without slowing down the process. Approvals for final prices and discounts can be set by geography, product line, discount level and more.

Key Advanced Pricing Capabilities

  • Attribute-Based Pricing:
    Create any type of pricing structures of products options and sub options
  • Database Pricing:
    Maintain customer or channel specific pricing with complete history of changes
  • Increased Oversight:
    Set pricing rules, constraints, dependencies and extraneous variables
  • Multiple Pricing Adjustments:
    Control percent off, amount off, markup and overrides
  • Advanced Pricing Structures:
    Set up structures that include cost basis, margins or any other type
  • Highly Advanced Workflow:
    Allow for any type of pricing scenario approval or input
  • Real-Time Visibility and Collaboration:
    Set up communities to follow the quote