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What is Contract Management?

Contract Management software from Apttus lets Legal bring visibility and control to the contract management process without standing in the way of revenue. Accelerated contract lifecycles keep your sales teams ahead of the competition – centralized Legal playbooks and audit trails keep you 100% compliant.

The Benefits of Contract Management

Contract Management Software that Drives Contract Compliance

Get your contracts out of the file cabinet and into a secure, cloud repository that gives Legal true visibility into your agreements. Powerful search capabilities enable you to find any contract, attachment, file, clause or term, while advanced analytics enable you to measure the effectiveness of your contract process. Apttus is built on the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™, the secure cloud business platform that meets the most stringent requirements for security, and is a trusted option for the most highly regulated businesses.

Optimize the Entire Contract Lifecycle

Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) offers Legal teams a secure place to store contracts, and so much more. Manage the entire contract lifecycle from Microsoft Word;  request, author, negotiate, execute, comply and renew with ease.

Accelerate the Sales Cycle with Contract Management Software

Reduce the time between contract request and execution to help Sales close more deals this quarter. Get the speed, visibility and control you need to speed the contract process with intuitive contract request wizards, robust Legal Playbooks, templates with conditional logic built-in, advanced approvals, automatic connection to quotes and integration to e-signature. After the sales cycle, advanced analytics,  give executives the prescriptive insights they need to continue to improve the contract process over time.

Increase Legal Productivity with Contract Management

Apttus X-Author for Contracts  gives Legal teams the best of both worlds—the familiarity of Microsoft Word, and the enterprise performance of the Apttus Intelligent Cloud™. Legal can execute an entire contract lifecycle from Microsoft Word while complying with approval workflows, and pulling the latest terms and clauses from the legal playbook.

X-Author for Contracts

Perfect Sales and Procurement Contracts

Benefit from an extremely robust and configurable contract solution that is ideal for both buy-side and sell-side contracts. Connect to Apttus CPQRevenue Management and e-signature to multiply your sell-side efficiencies, or connect with Apttus Source-to-Pay and your preferred financial and e-procurement systems for a streamlined procurement process.

Customer Success Comes Easy With the Apttus Contract Management System

When you partner with Apttus, you become a member of the world’s largest community of Quote-to-Cash leaders, achievers and motivators—including experienced SalesforceCRM matter your role. Get the most from Apttus by engaging with our online community, participating in one of our advanced training workshops, or joining over 3,000 Quote-to-Cash experts from Sales, Finance, Legal and IT at our annual user conference, Apttus Accelerate.

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Persona_CLM_SalesGet Deals Done Faster

Don’t let Legal be the reason you miss quota. Speed your sales cycles with self-service contracts; 1-click contract generation, and e-signature; get Legal out of your way with pre-approved contract templates and Legal Playbooks that ensure the most up-to-date language is automatically included in your contracts. With automatic approvals, Legal is no longer a bottleneck to a done deal.

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Persona_CLM_ITGo End-to-End on CRM

In your quest for rapid business innovation, Apttus supports adoption and growth of your existing CRM architecture. Drive security by bringing contract data to the CRM platform, and centralizing all contract activities. Manage all buy-side and sell-side documents together in one place, and get full visibility into the contract lifecycle.

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Persona_CLM_FinanceDrive Margins and Compliance

Poor contract visibility impacts margins. Apttus gives Finance full visibility into agreements, and helps you assess how contract terms (clauses, exceptions, etc.) impact revenue. Capture every dollar from your sales agreements, get a better understanding of your supplier commitments, and eliminate risk exposure for all your agreements.

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Persona_CLM_LegalMake Contracts more Strategic

Get out of the contract weeds and become a strategic player in the organization by centralizing all your contracts in the world’s most secure cloud platform. Improve contract performance with insights into contract cycle times, increase contract security with the world’s most trusted cloud business platform, and standardize the process for routine contracts so you can focus on the exceptions.

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Persona_CLM_ProcurementTake Control Of Your Spend

Get more insight into spend and compliance for all your vendors, no matter how often your business changes. Increase supplier contract efficiency, visibility, and performance, while ensuring traceability, transparency and compliance throughout the entire contract lifecyclewith the world’s most trusted cloud business platform, and standardize the process for routine contracts so you can focus on the exceptions.

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