About PayPal:

PayPal (Europe) Ltd. provides online payment services. It enables users to make personal or business payments online. The company was incorporated in 2000 and is based in Richmond, the United Kingdom.

As a finance company, tracking numbers and data in spreadsheets is a critical part for their business. PayPal’s Sales team used Excel, which they found easy to navigate, to collect customer information on their own. However, they were required to do their administrative work, such as creating an Opportunity Forecast, in Salesforce. They found much of their data was spread across individual spreadsheets without the necessary visibility and control. In addition, It was typical to find employees typing customer information in Excel and Salesforce separately; the amount of time and effort spent working in both Excel and Salesforce was counterproductive.

With Apttus X-Author for Excel, PayPal was able to utilize a familiar Office tool with full data synchronization into Salesforce. As PayPal’s Chris O’Rourke, Director of EMEA Sales Operations, explains:

“The marriage between Excel and Salesforce is a match made in heaven.”