Salesforce, the most advanced cloud platform, is consistently ranked by industry analysts like Gartner as a best-in-class solution for customer relationship management (CRM). Microsoft Office is the world’s most widely used business software – more than 1.2 billion people worldwide run this productivity tool. From simple data entry to complex problem solving, Microsoft Office, and Excel in particular, is ubiquitous in business – familiar, flexible, and fast for daily tasks. The concern, is that there is a gap between these two valuable business solutions.

Bridging the gap between these two systems – Microsoft Excel and Salesforce – can lead to long-term gains for any business. And finding the right solution to do so can boost productivity and adoption of cloud-based platforms across all departments. This paper explores:

  • The indispensable nature of Excel spreadsheets
  • The challenges spreadsheets introduce to enterprise processes
  • The advantages of marrying Microsoft Excel and Salesforce

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