Accelerate Session by Neopost on Quote-to-Cash

Coming Through on the Promise of End-to-End Automation

Consistently raising productivity is an imperative for any business. By eliminating manual steps, bottlenecks and information silos, companies are better positioned to become more efficient than competitors. With Quote-to-Cash, the promise of end-to-end automation and touchless ordering becomes a reality. In this session, you will learn how a complete Quote-to-Cash solution helps companies integrate and streamline sales and ordering processes to consistently drive greater operational efficiencies, while dramatically reducing staffing requirements.

What You’ll Get With this Accelerate 2016 Session Video

    – A detailed description of the haunting challenges still alive today for ordering: Manual steps, information silos, and disjointed processes.

    – How Apttus Quote-to-Cash gives you true End-to-End automation, taking many of the manual processes off the backs of sales reps and giving them more time to sell.

    – An Example provided by Steve Razoczy, Senior VP of Operations & IT at Neopost, of how Neopost revolutionized their ordering systems with Apttus QTC.

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