How I stopped Worrying and Love CLM Accelerate Session video

In this Apttus Accelerate 2016 session video, Lauryn Haake and Ray Mitra describe 10 steps to increase user adoption of Apttus’ contract management solution (CLM), or bring your company to love CLM. According to McKinsey, a technology company with high user adoption can get up to 150% ROI, while poor user adoption can lower ROI to 35%. By following the steps below, your company will have all the pieces necessary to engage end-users. The steps include:

1. Establish a charter
2. Engage the right people
3. Acknowledge resistance and face it
4. Involve users early and often
5. Provide constant communication

6. Make a big deal about deployment
7. Conduct tailored training
8. Encourage and empower champions
9. reward and recognize
10. Adopt continuous improvements and value realizations

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