Digital Disruption, the internet of things, and the rise of digital marketplaces.

In this Apttus Accelerate session video, Neal Ungerleider of Fast Company, Vinay Toomu of Forsys Inc., and Gopkiran Rao of Apttus speak about how companies in 2016 need to leverage digital marketplaces to drive revenue growth, expand their brand value, and deepen business relationships.
Many companies are still not meeting the expectations of their customers:

  • Processes are largely still siloed, lacking front office and back office integration.
  • There is a lack of visibility obstructing a shared customer objective.
  • Failure to provide prescriptive insights and connect unified data back to revenue goals.
    By adopting digital commerce and marketplaces, companies can leverage the immense opportunities present for enterprises that connect suppliers, partners, and customers together on one branded platform.

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