Nucleus Research report on Edge CRM applications and Apttus.

This report, conducted by Nucleus Research, examines the ROI generated from investments in edge CRM applications. According to the report, winners will be those that are able to extend their CRM investment through integration of these edge capabilities.

Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Nucleus Research, states that “Apttus solutions accelerate time to close. Their apps have a direct impact on sales, and, in particular, on deal momentum. Their CPQ tools, for example, enable an organization to configure the right products, even complicated product bundles, at the right price in a fraction of the time traditionally needed. This has impact on a company’s ability to bid and win time-sensitive business but also its ability to keep deal momentum going. Apttus solutions include machine learning to analyze for example, all successful quotes and provide prescriptive and dynamic recommendations to drive desired business outcomes across any sales channel. They have built-in intelligent Guided Selling making it easy for sales reps to act on these dynamic recommendations to always stay within the product and pricing parameters defined by the business. Apttus contract management tools accelerate the negotiation process while increasing transparency.”

“At Nucleus we recommend prioritizing projects like these as they produce the greatest potential return.”

Some key takeaways from the Nucleus Report include:
– Edge CRM Applications deliver 4.2 times the ROI of core CRM applications.
– Edge applications do this through: acceleration of time to close, reduction of human error, and increased productivity of resources.
– The need to take into account both breath and repeatability when considering investment in edge CRM applications.

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