Meet Max...

Selling today is social, mobile, virtual, and conversational and it requires a team of people to back you up – but there are not enough people to help. Meet Max…, the world’s first Quote-to-Cash Intelligent Agent. Max helps organizations create optimal deals, configure solutions, prepare quotes, update contracts, and much more – freeing up time for Reps to do what they do best, sell.
What you’ll get with this datasheet:
– A comprehensive data sheet introducing you to Max…, the world’s first Intelligent Quote-to-Cash Agent, which acts as a conversational User Experience across whichever interface you choose.

– Discover the numerous, time consuming activities that Max helps with, as well as the immediate benefits that Max is driving in organizations like yours.

– Learn how Max can access Apttus’ Machine Learning to enhance your Quote-to-Cash process in unprecedented ways.

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