Integrated CPQ and CLM

The Missing Link in an Optimized Quote-to-Cash Process

For most companies these days, the Quote-to-Cash process is a series of fixed, separate processes that run sequentially – at least that is the hope. Today’s customers, however, expect an impeccable experience – an experience that is fast, accurate and easy. As modern business (especially B2B business) continues to shift towards the SaaS business model, these stand-alone processes are failing to deliver the needed customer experience.

What You’ll Get With this White Paper:

– An exploration into the value of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and a detailed overview of how separate systems can fall short.

– An examination of the exponential value produced when modern businesses link their CPQ and CLM processes.

– An explanation of what is required out of businesses to unite Configure Price Quote and Contract Management.


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