Choosing the right Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution is no easy task. While a broad array of functionality is available in the marketplace, each system has different capabilities and strengths across a range of categories.

The Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management Buyer’s Guide has everything you need to help convince key internal decision makers and select the best contract management software.? The full kit includes:

  • Sample RFP: A sample template listing key functionality and features you may want to consider
  • Reference Call Questions: What you can ask when you talk to a vendor’s references
  • Demo Questions: What you should ask vendors to show during their software demonstration
  • Internal Champion PPT: An internal-facing PPT template you can use to sell your initiative
  • Ultimate Guides: Get everything you need to know about CLM and Quote-to-Cash
  • Introduction Video: Watch this video to see what makes Apttus special
  • Interactive Click-Through Demo: Take this self-guided Apttus interactive tour
  • Customer Success Reference: See how Apttus is solving complex business problems with a real-world success story

Fill out the form at right to download the kit today! If you are also evaluating Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions, make sure to download the Apttus CPQ Buyer’s Guide.