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Drive a new level of visibility with Configure Price Quote!

Proquest as a company was going through a massive business transformation, “like any other company in this digital age.” Their old tools that managed the configuration, pricing, and quoting business processes were massive pain points, obscuring a true 360 degree view of the customer. Prior to their transformation with Apttus, it was very difficult for Proquest to create a “customer-centric culture” from a bundling, cross-selling, and up-selling point of view – forcing them to leave heaps of revenue at the table. Such challenges were crippling their business, forcing them to seek out a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solution.

What You’ll Get with the Connected Leaders Webinar

– Insights into the numerous business challenges faced by Proquest as they attempted to remain competitive in the digital age.

– The reasons Proquest decided to go with Apttus as their Configure Price Quote vendor of choice.

– A description of the transformative business outcomes that Apttus’ Configure Price Quote solution drove at Proquest after implementation.

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